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AgileCRM Adds RingCentral to Its VoIP Roster

Agile CRM announced last Thursday an official integration with RingCentral, a cloud-based business phone provider. This should gain the attention of businesses that require tracking, logging, or other computer telephony integration (CTI) features through their CRM. Agile offers out-of-the-box features for sales and service calls, and already integrates with VoIP such as CounterPath, Skype, and cloud communications platform Twilio. The RingCentral integration adds to this roster and makes Agile CRM more accessible to the 300,000-plus users of RingCentral’s cloud PBX, online faxing, and call center solutions.

Undoubtedly, there is some overlap between Agile and RingCentral’s respective customer bases. The Agile-RingCentral integration offers these customers a streamlined link between these respective service providers, allowing them to automate call follow-ups, voice scripts, and call logging using the CTI network of their choice. For customers of the individual providers, the new integration offers an additional choice, whether in CRM or VoIP provider.

What does RingCentral bring to Agile CRM?

RingCentral provides Unified Communications as a Service, which means they offer call management, phone system administration, mobile apps, unlimited calling, video conferencing, integrations with productivity suites, a 99.99% uptime SLA and so forth for monthly subscriptions per user. Depending on your subscription tier, you can gain expanded capacity and additional features, like voicemail-to-text or integration with specific CRMs or helpdesks. Essentially, you gain the advantages of digital communication and traditional calling without the need for additional phone lines. Note the distinction between cloud PBX and hosted PBX, the latter of which entails the onsite installation of technology connecting the phone system to the internet. (Check out RingCentral’s Plans & Pricing.)

What call features does Agile CRM offer?

Agile offers an all-in-one platform for sales automation, marketing automation, and helpdesk ticketing. Note that the availability of these features depend on your Agile CRM subscription. (Two-way telephony is offered on Agile’s Regular plan while Call Recording is available on the Enterprise plan.) Agile’s VoIP integration complements its sales and service features, and include:

An in-app softphone & click-to-dial

Automatic logging of call details

Call recording & playback

Ability to add notes during calls

Call reports

Integration with call analytics apps through Zapier

Voicemail automation & phone forwarding

Pop-up call scripts

Enhanced caller ID with CRM data

One caveat of the Agile-RingCentral integration is that RingCentral's API doesn’t support outgoing calls through browsers. It appears Agile’s click-to-call feature will open up the RingCentral softphone. As of now, there is limited capacity for the CRM to auto-log outbound calls and include these in the contact’s timeline.

How much does Agile CRM cost?

Agile offers a free version that provides sales automation tools for up to 10 users. Its subscription tiers offer marketing automation, helpdesk ticketing, and a library of integrations for escalating monthly rates. Agile offers month-to-month, annual, and biannual pricing. Check the chart below or their Plans Comparison page for details.

Price (annual contract)$0$9.99/user/mo$39.99/user/mo$64.99/user/mo
Contacts & Companies1,00010,00050,000Unlimited
API Calls per Day5005,00010,00025,000
Features•Lead Scoring

•Schedule Management

•Email Tracking

•Email Campaigns

•Email Templates

•Branded Emails

•Email & Landing Page Templates


•Email Support

Same as Free, plus:

•2-Way Email

•Marketing Automation

•Social Monitoring

•Additional Workflows & Triggers

•Additional Reports

•Phone Support

Same as Starter, plus:

•Custom Deal Tracks

•2-Way Telephony

•Mobile Marketing

•Integration Library

•Additional Workflows & Triggers

Same as Regular, plus:

•Call Recording

•Automated Voicemails

•Dedicated Account Rep

•Onboarding Coach

•Unlimited Workflows & Triggers


For additional information on Agile, take a look at our Agile CRM overview or visit them at To browse other sales automation options, feel free to check out our sales automation comparison page.

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