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How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to amoCONF

At GetCRM, we’re always trying to get to the latest conferences. We also encourage everyone who can to attend them. There’s always something to learn at these conferences, too. Just being around like-minded people can make the world of a difference when it comes to sparking creativity. We all get caught up in the routines of our lives where we talk to the same people, have the same conversations, and do nothing to change them. At tech conferences, you have an opportunity to learn from people with the same goals as you, but go about accomplishing them from different angles. Not every strategy will work for you, but knowing what won’t work is just as valuable to your end goal. Normally, amoCONF is hosted overseas, but this year is different. This is the first year amoCONF is being held in the United States. At amoCONF, you can expect to find tons of new approaches from businesses looking to share their stories with the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. The hype for this conference is high and for good reason. There will be over 1,500 attendees in San Francisco, 20k online viewers, and an estimated 1.5 million post-event viewers. In short, you should convince your boss to send you to amoCONF. Here, we’re going to explain how and why.

What is amoCONF?

Let’s quickly break down what amoCONF is. You’re not going to convince your boss to send you to any conference if you can’t explain what exactly you’re attending and why you need to be there on November 13th, 2018. amoCONF is a one-day business conference hosted at The Warfield in San Francisco, California, where amoCRM is located (they also have headquarters in Moscow). amoCRM offers businesses customer relationship management (CRM) tools for startups and SMBs. These tools help optimize and prioritize the customer experience by offering businesses powerful automations to handle the important, but time-consuming tasks that eat up most of our time. At amoCONF, you can expect to hear stories and firsthand experience from knowledgeable tech leaders on growing and scaling startups. You can expect to hear from tons of industry leaders and tech pioneers. You can also expect to hear some big updates from the company if you’re an amoCRM user. We’ll talk more on that in a little bit.

Why amoCRM specifically?

As we’ve already mentioned, amoCRM is a CRM software provider for SMBs and startups. The industry is changing rapidly and openly from being an enterprise-focused solution to a multi-product solution for any business regardless of size. If you want to learn more about what CRM providers are doing to target SMBs, and if you’re on the fence about purchasing CRM software, you will learn more about why more and more businesses are adopting the software and how it’s playing a major role in improving their strategies in every department. The audience will also be filled with people you want to be around in all different stages in their careers. You can expect to find and talk to entrepreneurs, investors, startup founders, tech geeks, MBA graduates, and future unicorns. This mix of people will surely inspire you in some way to make a change in your business and give you the courage to scale your startup when the time is right.

Who’s speaking?

There are going to be a number of significant leaders speaking at amoCONF that you don’t want to miss. amoCRM sent out a list of speakers that you can find below:

Charles Adler | Co-founder of Kickstarter

David Brown | Founder and co-CEO of Techstars

Summer Crenshaw | Co-Founder, COO & CMO of tilr

Sid Sijbrandij | Co-founder & CEO of GitLab

Brian Scudamore | Founder and CEO of O2E Brands

Mark Josephson | CEO of Bitly

Joanne Chen | Partner at Foundation Capital

A new product release and live demo

amoCRM also has a new product ready to be unveiled. Messaging is becoming more and more popular and powerful thanks to AI. amoCRM will be unveiling an AI-powered CRM with powerful messaging integrations to add personality to their software and take much of the pressure off of support teams to handle every customer inquiry. Sales and marketing teams will also benefit from AI by offering agents more powerful automations that will only get stronger and the AI detects patterns in customer and user behavior. You’ll get to see this in action and learn more about AI’s role in the CRM world.

The final word

amoCRM is a powerful CRM software provider businesses should consider when looking for new software. The idea that CRM software is only for enterprises is outdated and completely false at this point. amoCRM is built with startups and SMBs in mind; amoCONF is designed with that same mindset. You don’t have to do much to convince your boss to send you to amoCONF. The structure, the products, the audience, and the speakers all stand for themselves. The audience, in particular, makes attending the conference worthwhile. Startups and small businesses have a community-centered mentality where friendly competition is encouraged, where everyone is looking to help each other out. amoCRM is clearly aiming to bring everyone together for this exact reason. Through their conference and new product reveal, everyone can see what they need to do to remain competitive and encourage the industry to grow to even greater levels.
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