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How to Deal with Angry Customers [Infographic]

What was your last customer service experience like? Did you leave feeling frustrated or were you pleasantly surprised by how helpful and understanding the customer service representative was?

A positive or negative customer service experience has long-lasting effects even after it happens. Not only can it impact customer loyalty, it is likely to spark influential reviews both online and through word of mouth.

According to NewVoiceMedia, around $41 billion is lost by US companies each year due to poor customer service. When used correctly, customer service can give companies a huge leg up over their competition.

To assure you and your representatives are handling customer service the best way possible, we created this guide on how to deal with angry customers based on scientific and business studies. It's sure to help the process go a little more smoothly and leave your customers feeling satisfied!

Did you know that little things could make such a huge difference? Taking an interest in a customer’s needs and offering a genuine apology rather than solving a problem from a script will make a huge impact.

Good customer service experiences are just as memorable as bad ones, and these experiences go beyond the customer service rep. Think about which industries you dread getting on the phone with because of the long wait times and multiple transfers. What comes to mind? Many people think of cable/television services, banks, government offices, insurance companies, airlines, and even retailers.

To find out just which companies and industries have long hold times GetVoIP conducted this study on airline customer service and this study on the longest customer service wait times and found that Allegiant had the longest average wait time of nearly 15 minutes! Other companies with long hold times included Delta and Walmart.

To reduce annoyances by hold times that are beyond a customer service representative’s control, try automated call back software so your customers don’t have to wait on the line. And remember, when it comes to customer service, you can never be too helpful!


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