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Capsule CRM Rolls Out App Updates & More Integrations

Just this week, Capsule CRM, a popular sales CRM, announced new updates to their mobile app, new features added to their overall platform, and even integrations for their CRM software. Capsule CRM is a unique sales CRM software company that emphasizes key features like contact data management, task and calendar management, sales pipeline management, customization tools, and their mobile app. These new updates and integrations help make Capsule CRM a more powerful sales, and even contact management, CRM software tool for businesses interested in an easily accessible and customizable mobile CRM app. We’re going to break down what each improvement offers customers and why they matter.

Capsule CRM Mobile App Updates

While this all came as one major announcement, there are actually four updates that Capsule CRM is pushing out to their platform. You’ll see below that each update is focused on improving the speed of the app and making it easier for users to navigate. We find this extremely important because there’s nothing worse than having to put up with a bad app in important situations, like in the middle of a meeting with a client. Here’s what Capsule CRM is highlighting in this recent update:

1. Reworking Navigation

Having too many steps to get to where you want to go can be discouraging for users, which makes it less likely they’ll use the app. Capsule is making it easier for users to get to the page they want to go to, which, in a meeting, can make a significant difference in how successfully a presentation lands. For example, if there are too many steps to get to the dashboard where all the sales reports and analytics are, and the sales agent is already feeling under pressure, the odds of them remembering every step and which buttons to press could go down. They might not even bother trying to pull it up if they know they won’t find it, making the app pointless. Now, sales agents don’t have to shoot themselves in the foot going into important meetings. They can easily take out their phone or mobile device and show their client first hand whatever data they wish to see with the simplicity of Capsule's latest update.

2. Attach Documents and Images Straight from Phone

App stores already offer Microsoft Office and Google Docs, Sheets, etc., so it makes sense for Capsule CRM’s mobile app to give users the ability to attach documents and images straight from their phones. Doing this eliminates the back and forth between Word and Capsule CRM, or the copying and pasting of images. Sales CRM Providers understand that adopting CRM software isn’t always easy for sales agents, so making it an all-in-one solution that best fits the agent’s needs is an  imperative at this point. Not having to transfer data back and forth between programs helps make the experience more seamless. When agents take advantage of this contact data management feature, they can, in turn, give the customer a better experience.

3. Quick Access to Recently Accessed Contacts

Again, this is another feature that makes it significantly easier for agents using the mobile app. Could you imagine just getting off the phone with a contact and you needed to call them back, but you work for a big business with thousands of contacts and you have to scroll down for who knows how long just to get to the contact again? I can’t either. I wouldn’t make a point of using the app if I couldn’t just go to recent contacts to pull up their information on the spot. Apps have the implication that they are easy to use. If that’s not the case, people, especially myself, tend to avoid them. Sales agents are constantly on the go so the significance of a seamless mobile app is huge. Agents are also on the phone constantly, so Capsule CRM is making sure their software can be accessed anywhere by agents.

4. Speed Improvements

For me, slow apps are the absolute worst. I have a very short attention span, and I’m not alone either. People expect quick results, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, slow loading apps are a major cause of downtime, those seconds add up quickly. Capsule CRM Mobile can offer all the features they want, but if the app itself is too slow, I’m not using it. I’d also be embarrassed if I was in a meeting with a client and they asked for an important that might make or break the deal and we had to sit awkwardly in silence waiting for the app to load. Ideally, I’d be prepared for every situation imaginable, but we all know that things hardly ever work out the way you expect them too, regardless of how much we prepare. So with speed improvements on top of making the app easier to use and navigate, Capsule CRM Mobile becomes a serious option to consider for your business, no matter how big or small it is.

Generated Avatars

Users who don’t have a picture now get their initials next to their name, further identifying who they are.If there’s not enough space to show the full name in an area where a contact needs to be mentioned, their avatar will appear, which can also be clicked on for more info. This can be used in the calendar, for example. Avatars are a cool way to personalize work that isn’t typically seen as the most exhilarating. Having an avatar is a simple gamification feature that helps agents separate themselves from everyone else. They also play an important function, which is identifying who’s who and who’s working on what. This helps to avoid any potential conflicts like having more than one agent working on the same task when only one agent is necessary and there’s more important work to be done.

More Power to Tracks

Tracks is used to automate the assignment of standard tasks you follow when progressing sales opportunities, responding to customer queries, or implementing projects on behalf of customers. These tasks are also assigned only on weekdays now, so no one walks into the office on Monday surprised by a list of tasks to complete in short notice. Different steps of tasks can also be assigned to different agents, which can help make complicated tasks much more approachable. If there’s a key part that requires knowledge outside an agent’s expertise, it makes sense to bring another agent in who could help complete the task faster. This is another important update because even though agents typically work alone with their own clients, they’re still a team and everyone needs to be aware of what the other agents are doing. This helps prevent overlap on tasks when it’s not necessary, allows overlap when it will help, and ensures tasks are given only when people are in the office.

Capsule Integrates with Zapier

Capsule CRM software now integrates with Zapier, who just recently crossed the 1,000 integration mark. Capsule CRM users can take advantage of the integrations Zapier has to make their software more powerful and more catered to what their specific needs are. One example of a powerful integration is with Slack. Here’s how it works:
"You select a Slack channel and format a message with names, email addresses and any other information you'd like to share. Once you set up this integration, new Capsule CRM opportunities created from that point forward are individually posted to the Slack channel and shared with your team. Or, you can use the Slackbot channel to notify yourself privately of new Capsule CRM opportunities."
Slack is one of the most popular team collaboration and messaging platforms businesses use today. Not everyone will have their CRM open at all times, but if agents have Slack open, they can still stay on top of any new tasks being made.

The Final Word

Overall, Capsule CRM is a great sales CRM software for businesses looking to emphasize contact management. These new updates and integrations help make Capsule CRM Mobile a much more powerful app by making it easier for users to navigate through the app, allowing users to attach documents and images, making it easier to access recently accessed contacts, and improving the speed of the app itself. By focusing specifically on user experience, Capsule CRM is hoping sales agents will feel more inclined to embrace their CRM software and app because the tools they need to help their clients will be right there when they need it. When agents have the right tools at their disposal, they can offer clients better support, thus boosting customer experience. It’s also imperative for agents to be able to access everything on their sales CRM on the go. If clients ask for specific reports and sales projections, agents can quickly and easily access them, which could swing the odds in favor of making a sale. These subtle changes to Capsule CRM Mobile will make all the difference for businesses of any size.
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