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Confluence Pricing, Plans, and Features in 2020: Is It Right For Your Team?

Recent project management statistics show that inadequate communication costs businesses with at least 100,000 employees over $62 million annually. 

Team collaboration tools like Atlassian’s Confluence improve internal communication thanks to project management features, file version control, team-wide announcements, and more. 

Here, we break down Confluence pricing and features and evaluate user feedback to help you determine if it’s the ideal collaboration software for your team. 

What is Confluence? 

confluence software

Confluence is a cloud-based team workspace with over 60,000 users worldwide.

It was created by Atlassian, the same software company behind Trello, Bitbucket, and JIRA, in 2004. Current top clients include HubSpot, The New York Times, Morningstar, LinkedIn, and Audi. 

Confluence’s main user base is made of up companies within the IT, financial, healthcare, and retail sectors. Given that studies on remote work benefits show roughly 80% of employees work from home a minimum of one day per week, Confluence is an especially valuable tool for companies with a large remote workforce.      

Confluence is a wiki tool providing an agile and centralized single place for teams and project managers to communicate. Top features allow Confluence users to review project requirements, collaborate with one another, edit relevant files, and provide real-time feedback. 

Top Confluence Features

Confluence’s interface is designed around blank or template-based “pages,” with each page representing a project or smaller task. 

Pages can be assigned to multiple team members or an individual and can be public or private. These pages are customized by adding “macros” allowing users to add functionalities and features. 

Popular macros include file attachment, blog posts, page name labels, and project status updates. Every user can decide which specific macros they’d like to add to their personal dashboard depending on their sharing, collaboration, and communication needs. 

Project Templates

Confluence template

To help create a consistent project management process, Confluence provides numerous best-practice templates in addition to blank, fully customizable virtual pages.

Popular template use cases include:

Confluence’s template collection also includes pages specifically created to benefit remote teams, including: 

Project Management 

Confluence task management

Though Confluence is much more of a team collaboration software than a project management tool, it does have some basic work management features. 

In Confluence, project management features include:  

As of this writing, Confluence only allows for internal collaboration and project management, though external collaboration features are in development. 

Team Communication

confluence team communication

To improve communication between team members, Confluence allows team members to comment on pages, individual tasks, and uploaded files.

Users can also tag one another or make comments on a company-wide announcement page. Confluence also provides a complete audit log stored in the Confluence cloud. This way, users can better understand updates they’ve missed or find out why they hit a roadblock. 

Note that while Confluence does not have a native chat messaging tool, it’s designed for seamless integration with Hipchat, Atlassian’s chat service. 

File Sharing

Confluence file sharing

Confluence supports multiple file formats including documents, audio, and video files. 

Additionally, Confluence provides macros that allow users to add content to a page or template via a drag and drop format. Uploaded files are saved in the Confluence server.   

Supported file types for content management include: 

Real-Time File Editing

Confluence real time editng

Confluence provides real-time file editing capabilities across teams and departments through an on-page feedback loop. 

Users can edit any file uploaded to a specific page line-by-line, use a rich text editor, pin notes anywhere on uploaded images, and add feedback to presentations. Anyone can make comments and suggestions to uploaded files, and tag specific users in those comments.  

Users can “like” comments, edit them, or mark them as “resolved.”

All comments and edits are immediately updated and saved in the cloud so everyone on the team receives the changes instantly. Past file versions are automatically saved. 

Software Integrations

Trello Confluence integration

Because Confluence is one of many Atlassian tools, it integrates seamlessly with the company’s project management solutions - Trello and JIRA software. 

It also integrates with popular team communication and collaboration tools available in the Atlassian marketplace. These apps include:

Privacy and Security

Confluence admin control

Confluence security features are managed via the Atlassian Trust Management System. 

They include:

In addition to these security measures, Confluence provides a high level of user access control. 

Confluence administrators can: 

Confluence Pros and Cons

In analyzing user feedback, the most consistent Confluence benefits discussed are the tool’s abilities to prevent internal miscommunications and speed up project timelines.

The most common drawbacks referenced are challenges with user experience and limitations to setting email notification preferences.    

Additional pros and cons include:  



Is There a Confluence Mobile App? 

Confluence offers mobile collaboration via its Android and Apple iOS apps.

Unlike mobile versions of other work management and team collaboration tools, the Confluence app provides the majority of the same features found in the desktop version. This makes it especially ideal for remote teams and companies with employees working across multiple time zones. 

Confluence mobile app features include: 

Note that, as of this writing, it is not possible to specify page types, add tables, or edit calendars in the mobile app.   

Confluence Pricing and Plans 

Confluence has three plans, including a free version that’s ideal for small businesses or companies who want to experiment with the software before upgrading to a paid plan. 

The pricing is based on a per-user basis, and users can opt to pay annually or monthly. 

FeaturesFreeStandard $5 per month per userPremium $10 per month per user
Number of Users10 users5,000 users5,000 users
Unlimited Pages
Template Library
Apps and Integrations
Page Version Control
Storage Space2 GB 250 GBUnlimited
Audit LogsX
Page PermissionsX
Anonymous AccessX
Admin KeyXX
External CollaborationXX
Customer SupportCommunity Support9-5 Business Week Support24/7 Premium Support

Is Confluence Worth It? 

Confluence pricing plans are competitive, but the software requires a heavy amount of integration with JIRA and Trello in order to provide the same level of team collaboration that other tools like Asana, Wrike, and do. 

On its own, without any macros or add-ons, Confluence is best suited for companies that are mainly looking for company-wide file storage and editing software.

It’s also ideal for large and small teams seeking pre-made templates for specific projects or activities like resource management and onboarding.   

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