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Drift Creates New Category Yet Again - Revenue Acceleration

Drift — the platform famous for founding the conversational marketing category — has gone back for seconds by founding another category for the industry: revenue acceleration. This latest addition is clearly more ambitious than the company’s previous contribution.

Conversational marketing has a rather narrow focus whereas revenue acceleration takes a more comprehensive approach by touching on every stage of the customer journey. This includes everything from the first impression to their long-lasting relationship with the company.

In essence, it seeks to unite marketing and sales to get companies the highest yield out of their efforts by establishing a united front. It’s no secret that customer experience, marketing, and sales teams all have different goals.

This scattered approach leads to a poorer experience for the customers and even the employees themselves. When you consider the fact that the market has provided ample choices for buyers, it’s obvious that customer experience is paramount to success.

David Cancel — CEO and founder of Drift — said:

when companies adopted Conversational Marketing, it wasn't just about marketing. In fact, what it was doing was unifying sales and marketing and directly impacting revenue. And not just revenue from new business, but revenue across the entire customer lifecycle."

It’s clear that Drift seeks to move forward with this trend of unified marketing. One can use an analogous blade to grasp the concept. A blade must be focused at the edge, or the tip won’t be sharp enough to pierce through its targets.

Despite this expansion into a new category, Cancel and his company made it clear that they aren’t abandoning the conversational marketing core that got them to where they are today. This was evident in their press release.

"We still stand firmly behind Conversational Marketing, but we realized that what we are trying to accomplish is bigger than that. This has only become more noticeable as companies work to speed up their digital transformation process,"

With competition higher than it’s ever been, companies need to have all departments working towards the joint objective of maximizing revenue if they hope to survive. Revenue acceleration hastens the cycle of closing and retaining customers.

A faster pace generally leads to a higher ROI in most cases. It also ensures that real-time engagement is emphasized to make the customer experience as good as it can be. Of course, what good is a category, philosophy, and concept worth without proper execution?

That’s where Drift Prospector comes in. It can help sales teams accelerate revenue by prioritizing target accounts automatically, serving as a central point of insight for buyer behavior, and making follow-ups as easy as possible — all from one interface.

The key value proposition of Drift Prospector is that it helps you see which prospect accounts have the “highest intent.” This helps sales representatives connect with likely buyers at blazing speeds, accelerating revenue for the company as a whole.

In addition to the revenue growth, customer lifetime value (CLV) also rises when you leverage this marketing approach to your advantage. After all, what business would argue with extra money on their bottom line?

Drift is being used by over 50,000 businesses including names like GitHub, PandaDoc, Outreach, and Adobe so you know that this latest release is sure to live up to the promises it makes.

If you want to try Drift Prospector out for yourself then be sure to schedule a demo to see what benefits it can bring to your company. It’s exciting to imagine what else the company has up its sleeve now that the latest marketing category has had its debut.

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