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Insightly Announces Enterprise-grade Dynamic Customization Features

Enterprises who use Insightly can now take advantage of new dynamic customization features that allow users to better engage their customers in a more personalized, contextualized fashion, ultimately improving the customer experience and buyer’s journey. Insightly is aware of the role customers play in today’s trust economy, and they’re allowing businesses who are also aware of the changing business landscape to react accordingly. New Insightly CRM capabilities enable customized data capture, data display and data validation based on how users, teams, and organizations handle customer and business information.

Personalized Customer Journeys

Customers are more connected to each other and to businesses than ever before. There’s no reason for businesses to believe this is going to change anytime soon. Because of this, customer expectations are also at an all-time high while trust levels with enterprises are remarkably low. The goal for these new dynamic customization features is for Insightly users to personalize the buyer’s journey and customer experience in order to regain trust and empower their customers. Insightly understands that customers no longer feel the need to stay committed to any company if they’re not getting the personalized experience they need and desire, so these four dynamic customization features are important for contextualizing every experience. Let’s break down what they are and what they do.

Customized Data Capture

According to Insightly:
“Five new custom fields give more flexibility over the data users capture and store in Insightly, including a relationship-lookup field which allows users to link any object with another, allowing deeper reporting on connections between contacts, organizations, and other records.”
What this means is that enterprises can look beyond previous interactions with their customers to establish deeper connections through advanced reporting. Customer journeys are a big business trend in 2018. Identifying how customers interact with other businesses before and after they interact with yours will provide enterprises with the opportunity to offer more targeted interactions. By adding more custom fields, Insightly is letting enterprises gather even more personalized data that can establish significant connections between contacts and organizations to determine what the best way of handling the customer is. In the past, enterprises could only dream of being able to focus on every single customer with the intimacy they’d receive from a small business. Now, it’s standard.

Data Display

User experience is just as important as the customer experience because agents need to be confident in the tools they’re using in order to use the data gathered by Insightly to their advantage. CRM software is also notorious for being hard to use -- whether or not that’s actually true. Insightly wants to eliminate that perception entirely by letting agents customize and have total control over their software. Insightly says:
“Dynamic page layout editor gives total control of virtually every screen within Insightly on a user, team or department basis; the editor applies business and display rules using a custom built composition engine to generate screens dynamically in less than 80 milliseconds.”
This is significant because Insightly isn’t just giving agents the ability to customize and control what they see; they’re giving agents a practical solution to these easily fixable issues that can completely change the way they look at CRM software. The ability to generate screens in less than a second makes the user experience more streamlined so agents can in fact focus entirely on their leads, opportunities, and customers.

Data Validation

There’s absolutely no point in using CRM software if the data it’s gathering is incorrect or outdated. That will lead to inaccurate reporting, forecasts, and a potentially significant loss in revenue and reputation. Leads, opportunities, and customers want to have quick and easy interactions with enterprises. Small issues can turn into big ones quickly if they aren’t tackled head on. Insightly goes on to say:

“Drag and drop editor allows users to configure every part of each page by adding, editing and removing different sections of each page, including individual fields and the order in which they appear; this helps ensure data validation and integrity to show only the information users must fill out or need to access based on their role.”

Drag-and-drop features continue to boost the user experience, which will naturally improve the customer experience and make the buyer’s journey more streamlined. This along with only showing what agents need will make sure they and their leads, opportunities, and customers are on the same page.


At this point, mobility is no longer an option. It comes standard with most, if not all, CRM software providers, so businesses should pass on solutions that don’t offer anything. Business trends indicate more powerful mobility features thanks, in part, to AI. Insightly is hopping on the bandwagon for its enterprise customers who want their agents and teams to have access to their work from anywhere outside the office. Insightly says: 

“Insightly’s fully-customizable mobile CRM allows users to access critical customer and business data such as leads, contacts, projects, and reports however and wherever they go, with a consistent experience to their tailored desktop environment.”

Customizable, contextualized, personalized interactions with customers, in and out of the office, is an absolute essential for businesses regardless of size. For enterprises, it’s a dream come true where each customer they have feels as if their needs are being heard. Agents aren’t always in the office so giving them the tools they need to be just as effective is a great way to continue to improve the customer experience.

The Final Word

Insightly is making significant moves to improve the customer experience in 2018. Last month, they announced enterprise-level dashboards for their users. With these new dynamic customization features for enterprises, those dashboards will become even more powerful. Many of these new features like data validation and mobility for enterprises seem like they should already be a part of the solution, but CRM software in the past focused more on gathering and organizing customer data. It was very one dimensional. Lots of agents even saw it as a hindrance to their daily routines and made them less effective. Now, CRM software is gathering that data, organizing it in a way that best fits the user’s needs, and making better predictions and forecasts for businesses who want to focus more on empowering the customer and improving the customer experience. Insightly is proving that personalization is possible at the enterprise level, and enterprises can finally have the tools they need to regain some of the trust they lost.
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