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Panasonic Introduces New Customer Experience Suite

Panasonic is officially jumping on the customer experience bandwagon. They are bringing a small customer experience company called CyTrack on board, who offers an entire suite of contact solutions that provide companies with insights and system performance reports, service levels and staff efficiency, and omnichannel support for customers looking to voice their concerns via SMS, chat, and voice tools. Also, this partnership aims to empower businesses to respond to their customers quickly through multiple channels by offering a seamless integration between CyTrack’s customer experience technology and Panasonic’s business communication servers. This partnership continues to prove that customer experience is a significant trend in 2018 for businesses of all sizes. We’re going to break down what’s happening with this new partnership because a better customer experience often results in higher revenue and more potential for new and repeat customers.

CyTrack Brings Panasonic Omnichannel Support

CyTrack, like we said, offers omnichannel support, which is essentially using multiple channels simultaneously to offer better customer support. CyTrack is emphasizing SMS, live chat, chatbots, email, and social media, so let’s quickly break down what those can bring to Panasonic and even your own company.


SMS is a quick and easy way for businesses to reach out to anyone who owns a cell phone. Let’s say, for example, a customer just bought a product online. The business will follow up with confirmation emails, shipping details, and ads for related products. They also want the customer to fill out a customer experience survey, but surveys can be time consuming, and they typically require the customer to go back to the website where there’s potential to get sucked into another purchase. Instead, the business can send a text, which will have a higher chance of being looked at, and, since text messages are short by nature, encourage the customer to actually fill out the survey right from the comfort of their phone.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Chatbots and live chat channels are also quick ways for businesses and customers to communicate with one another. Chatbots are the little guys in the corner of your computer screen who ask if you need help the second you visit a website. A basic example of a chatbot is the little paperclip guy Microsoft Word had; however, today’s chatbots are much more powerful and interactive, sending customers the help they need quickly. Live chat is similar to what chatbots do, but there’s a real person on the other end of the computer screen as opposed to a bot with predetermined responses that typically just send helpful links to customers. Having an actual human ready to answer any question at any time helps speed up the resolution of customer inquiries by maintaining the human element to customer support. This helps big companies like Panasonic, who are typically seen as only being interested in revenue, connect to their customers on a personal level while offering them quick solutions


Giving customers the option to email companies directly is a great way to improve customer experience. Just about every company offers this, but it’s also easy for large companies like Panasonic to lose track of all the emails they receive. Companies that prioritize this channel via helpdesk CRM software can increase the odds of responding to each ticket based on when a customer reaches out via email. I think it’s safe to say that most people who email big companies like Panasonic do it with the understanding that no one is actually going to see it, so when companies respond on the same day, it shows they truly care.

Social Media

Social media is probably the most important channel regarding customer experience because everyone has some form of social media. Maintaining a presence on social media allows businesses to interact with customers quickly and on an extremely personal level, while also giving customers the option to interact with each other, turning it into a self-service option. In today’s trust economy, companies like Panasonic are viewed as unapproachable. Tons of people, including myself, are the type of customer who goes straight to the reviews when we see anything of interest because we want to see the good and bad experiences other people have had. Social media takes pressure off companies to provide honest reviews of their own products while empowering customers by giving them the space to voice their concerns.

Three Key Customer Experience Solutions

Along with offering customers an omnichannel experience, CyTrack is bringing Panasonic three key solutions that emphasize better reporting, workflow management capabilities, and technical support. Let’s dive into those now.

CyReport and CyReport ACD

These allow businesses to track real-time performance metrics, while notifying them of any significant changes across multiple channels. These solutions offer up to 60 reports for system, team, and individual performance evaluation. What this means is that support agents are going to constantly be on top of the numbers showing how well they’re doing and what they could work on.


This is an omnichannel and social networking contact center providing businesses with workflow management capabilities with the goal of keeping customers up-to-date on their inquiries, reduce abandon rates, and direct calls to the appropriate agents. Omnichannel capabilities, like we mentioned are a great way for customers and businesses to stay in constant communication while offering a more personalized customer experience with even the largest of companies.

Technical Support

The third solution is technical support, which is handled by CyTrack through an online portal. This will allow users to create tickets that can be reviewed at any given time, while also providing customers with a knowledge base. Having an actual knowledge base on top of social media is a great way to reach out to the few remaining people who don’t have social media pages and are interested in self-service options, FAQs, and how-to guides.

The Final Word

Zendesk predicted at their Relate conference that customer experience would be a significant trend going into 2018, and they were right. This new partnership between Panasonic and CyTrack shows that large companies are in fact interested in regaining the trust of their customers. CyTrack brings a significant amount of customer experience channels to Panasonic, which emphasize omnichannel support options and social media and CRM integrations that help support agents stay on top of every ticket created. Responding to tickets quickly is an easy way to improve customer experience. Customer experience shouldn’t be this huge revelation, or the next-big-thing, for large companies interested in generating more revenue. Showing customers they care about their problems when they do inevitably arise should already be the norm. The good thing, though, is that we’re getting back to more personalized experiences, and this new partnership shows large companies are committed to providing customers with multiple customer support channels that cater to everyone’s preferences.
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