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Pipedrive Announces New and Improved Gold Plan

Pipedrive is a sales CRM software that helps small businesses manage and automate their sales processes. Their features emphasize the significance of sales by keeping the sales team in mind, rather than simply being a tool businesses can use to record customer data. These features naturally encourage CRM adoption as well. In order to further show businesses that Pipedrive’s sales CRM software is essential to your sales team, Pipedrive just announced a new and improved Gold plan, which agents can use to simplify the sales process and move leads faster through the pipeline. We’re going to break down what’s included in the Gold plan and what makes it stand out from their Silver and Platinum plans.

Costs and Features

Let’s just jump right into what matters most: the cost. Below you’ll find a small chart of how much the new Gold plan costs and what features are included. We’ll go more into detail on what makes the new and improved features so special right after. For more on Pipedrive’s other pricing plans, click here.

Gold Plan

Optimize your sales process to spend less time on admin and have more sales conversions.

$24/User/Month, Billed Annually


Full Access to Sales Management Features


Contact Timeline

Sales Inbox Including:

2-way Email Sync

Email Tracking for Opens and Clicks

Email Templates

Smart Contact Data



Chat & Email Support

As you can see, the Gold plan offers almost just as many features as the Platinum plan, but at a much more affordable price. This means businesses are no longer forced into choosing between purchasing the more expensive Platinum plan and the Silver plan, which comes with less features.

Features Breakdown

Pipedrive’s Gold plan emphasizes sales automations. Automations make the time consuming, often mundane tasks like contact data management and collection much easier. The features below use automations to make all agents’ lives easier.

1. Sales Inbox

Any sales agent in this day and age that says they don’t rely on email is either a bad sales agent or a liar. Pipedrive’s Gold plan offers businesses a Sales Inbox that automatically connects email conversations with their respective contacts, giving agents the context needed for making sure every interaction is personalized and moves faster through the sales pipeline.

2. 2-Way-Email Sync with Major Providers

The Sales Inbox comes with 2-Way-Email Sync with Major Providers, meaning agents no longer have to go back and forth between their CRM software and whatever they use for email. With Gold, agents can now email customers directly through Pipedrive. There’s no longer a need to double and triple check if your customer’s contact info is correct, and then having to waste even more time correcting it when it’s wrong.

3. Email Tracking

Email Tracking eliminates the guesswork of when a customer will open your emails. Agents can now get notified the instant a customer opens their email. If there are links in the email, the agent will also be notified if they’re clicked, which makes it easier for agents to personalize each conversation and conclude whether or not the link was helpful and relevant to the customer’s interests. Email tracking will allow your business to better understand how customers are interacting with email marketing campaigns.

4. Customizable Templates

Customizable Email Templates make agents look less robotic. Agents can bring their own personality into their emails, or simply speak to their customers in a way that implies you actually care about them. Multiple templates can be created and saved which saves agents from drafting brand new emails every single time they reach out to their customers.

5. Custom Signature

At the end of those emails, agents can add their own customized signature. Their signature can include images, hyperlinks, and rich formatting, which can also be saved and used repeatedly. These signatures continue to add a personal touch to an agent’s emails while providing their customers with valuable contact and product information.

6. Scheduling

Pipedrive’s Gold plan comes with a powerful scheduling feature that helps agents outline their availability, share that info with their clients via a URL link, and allow clients to book a time that’s convenient for the two of them. This eliminates the back and forth that comes with scheduling a meeting where neither party knows when they’re available. This helps to guarantee that each meeting will get the attention it deserves.

7. Smart Contact Data

Smart Contact Data instantaneously gives agents lots of necessary context via social media. This contact data is added directly to Pipedrive, which agents can access prior to important calls and meetings. In order to up the odds of closing a deal, agents need to establish a personal connection with their lead. With this context, it shows leads that agents are doing their homework and going the extra mile.

8. Products

The Products feature helps agents categorize deals based on the product being sold and standardize pricing. This helps show agents everything the business offers, so if a customer wants one product, but the agent believes another is more suited to the customer’s needs, they can pull up all the info regarding that product and ensure the customer is making the right decision.

The Final Word

If your sales team is interested in automating tasks such as data collection and management, scheduling, and email tracking, Pipedrive’s new and improved Gold plan is worthy of your consideration. When these tasks are automated, sales agents can focus solely on connecting with their leads, converting them to customers, and improving customer experience. This is an affordable plan for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Sales teams, regardless of size, will be spending lots of time reaching out to leads and customers via email. It’s a necessary part of the job, but now it’s much less time-consuming, and gives agents who use Pipedrive even more of a competitive edge.

For more information on sales automation providers like Pipedrive, or how Pipedrive's Gold plan compares to other providers, be sure to visit our Top Sales Automation Software Buyer's Guide.

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