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15 Tips to Be a Slack Power User [Infographic]

At this point, almost every business is using Slack. Ever since they took off in Slack is simple. The whole idea behind Slack is a simple way to communicate and collaborate. Slack does a really good job of keeping the whole package simple.

With a colorful theme, emojis and .gif reactions, Slack can also be incredibly fun to use as well. The entire idea is that you’ll be getting work done without even realizing it! But if you’re just using Slack to send basic messages, well you just might be missing out.

See, Slack can be kept simple and most people will never complain, or feel like something is missing. Besides, some of Slack’s best features are the most obvious. I’m sure at this point, we all know how to share .gifs and react to our co-workers with emojis.

But did you know how powerful Slack can actually be? There’s quite a few hidden tricks and tweaks  that everyone Slack user should familiarize themselves with. Take a look below at our favorite, helpful most features so you to can become the ultimate Slack power user!

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