Disclosure & How We Rank
Disclosure: Our team of researchers work hard to offer you invaluable and up-to-date information on all the communication service providers out there. In order to provide you with this free service, we collect referral fees and advertising revenue from qualified service providers displayed, recommended, and ranked on our site. We assure you that this does not influence any of the content we publish on our blog, nor does it influence user reviews, but only supports our honest efforts to offer you the best and most transparent comparisons of the companies we feature. The advertising revenue we collect impacts the location and order in which the companies are displayed on our site.

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Our user reviews and ratings measure providers on these factors:
Product Quality
How good or bad is the performance quality of the service/ product offered? Are there any discrepancies such as echo, delay, etc.? If so how prominent were they, and how long were they affective?
Refund Policy
Does the service provider offer a money back guarantee? If so, what is it? Potential customers should be able to trial a services and get a full refund if they are not satisfied.
Setup Process
How much effort did it take to get up and fully running? Assistance from the provider or manufacturer Needed? If so why? What are the provider’s commonly known setup issues?
Details pricing options and points, as well as early termination fees, equipment charges, flexibility of pricing, monthly charges, etc. Represent the cumulative cost value of service with this provider.
Customer Experience
Encapsulates users interactions with the company’s support department. Includes tech support, sales, email correspondence, navigation of user portal, and overall experiences with the service and provider’s customer-centric resources. Details feedback on live reps – were they knowledgeable, was there long wait times, etc.
Service Reliability
Cover factors that affect the availability of the service including, outages, disaster redundancies, uptime, tech support availability and more. Users should note the affects of the provider’s scheduled downtime – i.e. how long was it down, maintenance, updates, etc.
Uptime Guarantee
What is the service provider’s guaranteed uptime? Do they deliver what they promise?
Outlines the features offered and included, as well as hands-on experiences of them. Includes exclusive offerings, add-on features, scalability/flexibility of these features. Also accounts for quality, availability, and pricing of these features.