Provider Overview

AskNicely is a survey software provider based in Portland, Oregon and Auckland, New Zealand. They understand that marketing is changing, and customers buy products based on what they hear from other customers. AskNicely uses CRM integrations and offers tons of features, depending on the pricing plan, that help businesses improve customer experience.

AskNicely offers their services, based on their pricing plans, to businesses of all sizes. They also offer a free, 14-day trial for anyone interested in their services. This helps businesses make sure that AskNicely is the right product for them. AskNicely’s goal is to help businesses “drive customer happiness by collecting feedback directly after an experience.”


AskNicely Pricing and Services


Free Trial:

14-day free trial.

Free Version:


All Available Plans & Pricing:

Starter (Custom Pricing)

Professional (Custom Pricing)


(Custom Pricing)

5 User License

10 User License

Same as Professional

All Standard Integrations

All Standard Integrations


500 Surveys per Month

5,000 Surveys per Month

Premium Integrations Including (Requires Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited Editions)

Manual Workflows

Automated WorkflowsDedicated Implementation Rep & Premium Support

Advanced Text Analytics

Advanced Comment Tagging

Multi-language Support

Candidate & Employee NPS

Additional Features:
  • Mobile App
  • Survey Branching Logic
  • Fully Configurable
  • Your Domain
  • Multi-brand
  • One-click Integration
  • Regular Sampling
  • Triggered Delivery
  • Fast Survey
  • Live Reports
  • Real-time Leaderboards
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Time-based Charting
  • Publish to Dashboards
  • Text Analytics
  • Lifetime Data Archive
  • Immediate Action
  • One-click Testimonials
  • Social Influence
  • Automated Responses
  • Ratings Request
  • Target Automated Marketing Based on NPS Score
Help & Support Options:

Link to Help Docs:
+1 (888) 737-0247

Awards & Recognitions:

#1 For Customer Satisfaction In Survey & Enterprise Feedback, G2 Spring 2017.


Editor’s Bottom Line of AskNicely


AskNicely is unique in that it doesn’t hide the fact that it is focusing specifically on modernizing survey software. It uses CRM and email marketing integrations to make it easier for businesses to collect customer data, which could then be used to improve online surveys that customers use to determine whether or not a product is worthy of their consideration.

One feature that helps both customers and the business that uses AskNicely is their mobile app. Sales managers are constantly on the go, and sales teams could benefit greatly from being able to access a survey on their phone for a customer that they had a good meeting with. Having the option to give a customer a survey on the go, or looking at the numbers outside the office, are a great way to make sure customer data is as accurate as possible and ensure more customers are taking the survey.

The number of CRM and email marketing integrations AskNicely has is also worth noting. With Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp, and tons of other big-name integrations, businesses can upload any customer data they previously collected and use it to make sure surveys are relevant and specific to the customer taking it.

Overall, AskNicely is a great, affordable option any sized business could use. Their goal is to help businesses improve customer experience, which is trending throughout the business world. They understand that customers don’t buy products simply because a business tells them to; people’s trust in businesses is at an all time low. However, one way to get around this is by enhancing customer experience and making it possible for other people to see how customers are reacting to their products. If customer experience is a priority for your business’ support team, seriously consider AskNicely.

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