Provider Overview

BlueCamroo is a complete social CRM, project management software tool for SMBs looking for an all-in-one provider. Users can take advantage of all its services, which include the following: CRM, email marketing, social network search and intelligence, project management, support, time tracking, expenses management, billing, collection, and collaboration tools. These services are all covered under one low price as well, setting them apart from other CRM software solutions.  

BlueCamroo Pricing and Services

Intended Customers: SMBs looking for an all-in-one solution at an affordable cost.

Free Trial: Yes, 14-day free trial.

Free Version: No.

Features Included in All Plans:

CRM Software:

  • Lead Capturing
    • Leads IMport
    • Web-To-Lead Forms
    • Web-To-Opportunity Forms
    • Lead Capture from Email
    • From Social Networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Lead Distribution
    • Leads Sharing
    • Configurable Rules
    • Follow-up Management
  • Lead Qualification
    • Configurable Categories
    • Rules Based Profiling
  • Lead Nurturing
    • Contact Recording and Planned Follow-up
    • Email Marketing
  • Lead Profiling
    • Opportunity Tracking
    • Pipeline Management
  • One Click Lead to Customer Conversion
  • Customer Profiling
    • Contact Roles Identification
    • Opportunity Tracking
    • Opportunity Nurturing
    • Multiple Estimate Management
    • Pipeline Management
    • Contact history
    • Email Marketing
  • Managed Access to Customer Data
    • Permission Based Access

Social CRM (SCRM):

  • Monitor Multiple LinkedIn Feeds
  • Monitor Multiple Facebook Feeds
  • Monitor Multiple Twitter Feeds
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Message Management
    • Save Messages
    • Create Lead from Message
    • Create Customer from Message
    • Create Case from Message
    • Create Task to follow up Message
  • Post Under Multiple IDs
  • Recognize and Send Direct Tweets
  • Mentions
  • Metrics
    • Keyword Metrics
    • Sentiment Metrics
  • Channel Searches
    • Sales Opportunity Channel
    • Buzz Channel
    • Client Support Channel
    • General Search Channel

Project Management (PM):

  • One Click Opportunity to Project COnversion
  • Automation
    • Project Templates
    • Stage Templates
    • Autoscheduling
    • Configurable Workflow Rules
    • Invoicing Management
  • Stage and Tasks Dependencies
  • Recurring Tasks and Stages
  • Visual Timeline
  • Visual WorkBench for Projects
  • Resource Management
  • Project Amendments Management
  • Personal To-Do List
  • Internal and External Project Roles
  • Online Client Sign-off
  • Event Scheduling
  • Tracking and Reporting Billable / Non-Billable Time
  • Budget vs Actuals Tracking


  • Sharing
    • Calendars
    • Timesheets
    • Document Library
    • Notes
    • Leads/Contacts/Cases/Opportunities/Projects
  • Task and Accountability Management
  • Update Streams
  • Support Knowledge Base
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Dropbox for Email, Tasks, and To-Dos
  • What’s New List
  • Event Resources Management
  • Email integration
  • Workspace Collaboration Bridge

Email Marketing:

  • Static Dynamic Email Lists
  • Opt Out Tracking
  • Configurable Email Templates
  • Campaigns
    • Immediate SEnd
    • Scheduled Multi-Drop
    • Triggered Multi-Drop
  • Email Click-through and Tracking Analytics
  • Automatic CSS Inlining
  • Rich Content / Text Only Email Versions
  • Campaign Analytic Reports

Customer Support Management:

  • Customer Cases / Issues
  • Support Knowledge Base
  • SLA Management
  • Email-based Support Tickets Automation
  • Cases / Tickets Dashboard

Reports & Dashboards:

  • Analytic Dashboards
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Report Builder
  • Export Reports to Excel / CSV
  • Export Reports to Presentation-ready PDF

Pricing & Invoicing:

  • Products and Services Catalog
  • Customer Pricing
  • Invoicing
    • Invoice Templates
    • Automatic Invoicing
    • Invoice Reminders
    • Recurring Invoices
    • Pre-Paid Items
    • Payment Requests
    • Online Payments
  • Sales Quotes
  • Time Tracking with Approval Management
  • Multiple Task “Stopwatch” Timers
  • Automated Timesheet Posting to Invoice
  • Expenses Tracking with Approval Management
  • Top-down Snapshot Views
  • Work with Multiple Currencies
  • Flexible Taxation Setup
  • Define Allowable Countries


  • UI Customization
    • Themes
    • Customizable Internal Login Screen
    • Favicon
    • Style Sheet (CSS) Override
  • Flexible preference Setup
    • Company
    • User
  • Extra Fields throughout all Details Pages
  • Extra Data Objects (Custom Database Tables)
  • Canned Responses
  • Templates
    • Projects
    • Stages
    • Email
    • Invoicing
    • Notifications
  • Support Knowledge Base
  • Work in English, French, or Spanish


  • Google Apps for Business
    • Gmail
    • Calendar
    • Drive
  • Accounting
    • Quickbooks (Desktop and Online)
    • Xero
    • Freshbooks
  • Payment Processors
    • Authorize.Net
    • Chase Paymentech
    • Moneris Solutions
    • PayPal (Standard and Pro)
    • First Data
  • Other Integrations
    • (Online File Sharing)
    • Outlook/Exchange Server (incl. Office 365)
    • HubSpot (Digital Marketing)
    • ShareFile
    • GoToMeeting
  • Application Programming Interface (API)

Web Development Platform:

  • eCommerce Module Included
    • Connect to Your Merchant Service
    • Connect to Your Shipping Service
    • Setup Discounts for Individuals and Wholesalers
    • Shoppers Database
    • Use as eCommerce or Product Catalog
  • Connect Your Websites to HubSpot
  • Build Unlimited Websites/Landing Pages/Microsites
  • Free Modules
    • Blog
    • Image Gallery
    • Job Board
    • Calendar
  • Reliable and Secure Web Hosting
  • Connect Websites to Projects in BlueCamroo
  • Build a Customer Database
  • Connect Web-to-Lead Forms to BlueCamroo
  • Connect Web-to-Opportunity Forms to BlueCamroo
  • Google Analytics
  • Setup Multiple Languages
  • Help Documentation
  • Workflow Guides

Mobile Web:

  • Optimized for Mobile Web
  • Preserves BlueCamroo Permissions and Roles
  • Accessible on All Mobile Devices
  • All Data Kept Secure on Server

System Support & Documentation:

  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Help Videos
  • User Guide

All Available Plans & Pricing: $41/User/Month, Billed Annually (Or $49 month-to-month); 5 GB of Storage Included. No contracts or hidden Fees.

Help & Support Options: Accelerator Packages: Training and hands-on assistance for planning, launching, and embedding BlueCamroo in your business. Accelerator Coach will work with you throughout the process. Flex Services: Menu of pre-defined, fixed price services that address common needs such as data import, marketing campaign setup, training workshops, and template customization. Custom Projects: Call configuration experts, consultants, and engineers for systems integration and other advanced project requirements. Resources Page for Library, Videos, Support, and Blog.

Awards & Recognitions: 2013 Finalist for CRM Idol - “BlueCamroo is a company to watch out for, their tool is a very good alternative in the SMB marketplace, and their success record so far is impressive.”  

Editor’s Bottom Line of BlueCamroo

When first looking at BlueCamroo’s list of features, any sane person would think that there’s no way anyone could offer so much without costing an arm and a leg or sacrificing the quality of its services. As it turns out, there are some providers that can in fact give businesses everything they need. What really stands out, though, is how BlueCamroo is offering businesses products that are currently trending, like social CRM. Their CRM and social CRM software are full products, giving businesses just as many features as other CRM providers who only focus on CRM software. Users can take advantage of lead tracking software, pipeline management tools, track opportunities, and organize customer data while pulling data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn feeds. Most providers give you one or the other, and at sometimes pretty high costs, but BlueCamroo is dedicated to small businesses and their pricing ($41/User/Month) reflects that. On top of their CRM software, they offer businesses project management tools, which helps teams stay organized and on top of each other to make sure everyone is on the same page. They can do this through automated scheduling, creating workflows, creating to-do lists, and event tracking. With their collaboration tools, teams can access this data and make changes in real-time. Customer experience is a significant trend in the CRM world, and as you can expect, BlueCamroo is on top of that too. They offer helpdesk ticketing features to ensure each customer is getting a personalized experience from support agents. Businesses can take advantage of a knowledge base, ticket automation features, a ticket dashboard, and SLA management to prevent small issues from turning into much bigger ones that could damage a business’ reputation on and offline. Where BlueCamroo gets interesting is with its website building software. This is completely unheard of for CRM software providers to include. Many offer blogs and forums for customers to interact with one another, but we haven’t heard of a provider who offers their own web development platform. Websites can be connected to HubSpot if BlueCamroo users also use HubSpot; websites can use Google Analytics to ensure their website is visible; websites can set up a blog, image gallery, job board, and calendar; and websites can build unlimited websites/landing pages/microsites. We can keep going on and on about what BlueCamroo offers because the list seems to be never ending. To be completely fair, the odds of SMBs being able to take advantage of all of these features seems unlikely. In many cases, less is more. Most businesses are reluctant to commit to CRM software and project management software because of all the features they offer and all the data they collect. Information overload is a real thing and can be detrimental to those who aren’t ready to deal with it. However, if SMBs see that they’re expanding and they’re worried about implementing CRM software, helpdesk ticketing software, project management software, and internal communication tools because of all the crossover between multiple platforms, they don’t have to worry with BlueCamroo; they don’t have to worry about finding CRM software providers that offer the right integrations and automated workflows in order to transition between tools seamlessly. This is a huge positive that can’t be ignored. Ultimately, BlueCamroo is a great tool for SMBs who think they’ll be expanding and need the wiggle room to grow. The software is competitively priced on a per-user basis, and might not be manageable for very small businesses who are just starting out and can’t commit to that much money per user, but the thing to keep in mind is that users are paying for an all-in-one solution that truly comes with everything. BlueCamroo is absolutely worthy of your consideration.


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