Provider Overview

Constant Contact was founded as “Roving Software” in 1995. Their founders saw email as “a valuable marketing tool that would help small businesses level the playing field in the battle against big business.” In 2014, they released a powerful new interface designed to be the all-in-one marketing solution. In 2016, Constant Contact was acquired by Endurance International Group.  

Constant Contact Pricing and Services

Intended Customers: Constant contact emphasizes small businesses as their intended customers.

Free Trial: Yes, for the first 60 days.

Free Version: No, but sign up is free.

Features Included in All Plans:

  • Unlimited Emails
  • Customizable Templates
  • Contact Management
  • List-Building Tools
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Image Library
  • 1GB File Storage
  • Apps & Integrations
  • Mobile App
  • Articles, Guides, & Videos
  • Seminars & Training
  • Live Expert Support
  • Product Help
  • User Community

Additional Features:

  • Email Automation: Set up an email series for similar customers - like contacts in the same area, or who attended an event. With email automation, when you send targeted messages, your relationships and results improve.
  • Event Marketing: Packed events are good for growing businesses. But juggling the details in Excel takes up a lot of precious time. Everything you need to plan and manage your upcoming seminar, fundraiser, or party can now be done in one account.
  • Online Donations: Your business’ donors can easily view your page—and more importantly, donate—while they’re on the go. Promote your fundraiser with Constant Contact's email and social media tools.
  • Surveys & Polls: Start with their pre-written questions and tweak them, or craft your own. Choose from seven types of survey questions — from multiple choice to sliding scales. View individual results, or track trends. You'll get real-time insight into what people really want so your business can plan what to do next.
  • Coupons: In less than ten minutes, you can create a coupon, add your business’ logo and branding, and hit send. Constant Contact helps you track everything: new email addresses, coupons claimed, redemptions and who shares the coupon on social media.

All Available Plans & Pricing:

List SizeEmailEmail Plus
0-500$20/mo (after free trial) 6 mo prepaid: $18 (10% off) 12 mo prepaid: $17 (15% off)$45/mo (after free trial) 6 mo prepaid: $40.50 (10% off) 12 mo prepaid: $38.25 (15% off)
501-2,500$45/mo (after free trial) 6 mo prepaid: $40.50 (10% off) 12 mo prepaid: $38.25 (15% off)$70/mo (after free trial 6 mo prepaid: $63 (10% off) 12 mo prepaid: $59.50 (15% off)
2,501-5,000$65/mo (after free trial) 6 mo prepaid: $58.50 (10% off) 12 mo prepaid: $55.25 (15% off)$95/mo (after free trial) 6 mo prepaid: $85.50 (10% off) 12 mo prepaid: $80.75 (15% off)
5,001-10,000$95/mo (after free trial) 6 mo prepaid: $85.50 (10% off) 12 mo prepaid: $80.75 (15% off)$125/mo (after free trial) 6 mo prepaid: $112.50 (10% off) 12 mo prepaid: $106.25 (15% off)
10,000+Call 855-783-2308 for helpCall 855-783-2308 for help

Help & Support Options:

Customer Support Numbers: US & Canada: 866-289-2101 UK: 0808 234 9315 International: +1 781-472-8120 Monday - Thursday: 8am - 10pm ET Friday: 8am - 9pm ET Mexico: 55-2789-0365 Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm ET

Billing Support Numbers: US & Canada: 855-229-5506 UK: 0808 234 0945 International: +1 781-472-8120

  • Personalized professional guidance
  • Email template design services
  • Integrated Marketing services (For more on services, click here)
  • Constant Contact Blog
  • Seminars and Training (Schedule can be found here)
  • Constant Contact’s Help Center

Editor’s Bottom Line of Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an all-in-one marketing solution who focuses on making small businesses succeed. They started out as a small company who understood the power of email and how it could help small businesses compete with much larger ones. Their pricing plans reflect their desire to help small businesses by offering tons of features while keeping prices low. What makes Constant Contact stand out from other marketing solutions are the seminars and training sessions with marketing professionals they offer either online or in person. Constant Contact offers a wide range of features small businesses can use to compete with other businesses. They both offer unlimited emails, contact management, apps and integrations, a mobile app, customizable templates, and many more. Constant Contact offers the best of sales CRM software, and email marketing software, like MailChimp, which makes them a versatile option to consider. Constant Contact’s pricing plans also reflect their goal of helping small businesses by remaining low and offering almost the same amount of features in each plan. They start at $20 and $45, and they offer discounts if your business chooses to do either a six-month or twelve-month prepaid plan. From there, depending on your business’ list size, the plans go up in price, but not too steeply. What makes Constant Contact stand out the most are the seminars and training sessions they offer customers. Customers can sign up for either online or in-person seminars where marketing professionals will work with you personally to ensure you get the most of their services. Their desire to maintain a strong connection with the community should tell you that they are actually looking to help you. Overall, Constant Contact is a great, versatile marketing solution small businesses should strongly consider. Their features are not revolutionary and can be found in other marketing solutions; however, Constant Contact goes the extra mile by offering online and in-person seminars and training sessions to their customers so they feel confident about using this all-in-one marketing solution to its fullest potential. Their prices are cheap and can be tailored to fit your business’ needs.


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