Provider Overview

With a unique pricing structure, and both on-premise or cloud services available, Helpspot manages to differentiate themselves from the competition in the customer service software market. Founded in 2005, Helpspot makes it easy to keep track of unlimited customers, unlimited brands, with unlimited customization. Their fully web based solution offers everything agents need to keep track of every single interaction, all from one location.

HelpSpot's software is as flexible as your business needs it to be, and the provider even offers a free solution for the smallest business that only needs the very basics. Overall, HelpSpot has a solution that can fit the needs of any business. Instead of the standard monthly pricing, HelpSpot charges annually, and only based on the number of agents your team requires, as opposed to per agent.


HelpSpot Pricing and Services


Pricing Tiers:

Billed annually

  • Up to 3 agents - Free
  • Up to 5 agents - $599
  • Up to 10 agents - $999
  • Up to 25 agents - $1,999
  • Up to 50 agents - $3,999
  • Up to 75 agents - $6,999
  • Up to 100 agents - $9,999
  • Up to 150 agents -  $12,999
  • Up to 250 agents - $15,999
  • Up to 500 agents - $19,999
  • Up to 1000 agents - $34,999
  • Up to 2000 agents - $59,999
Features Available:
  • Email to tickets
  • Ticket submission forms
  • Website widget
  • Create tickets via API
  • Manual entry
  • Enter phone calls
  • Unique IDs for each ticket
  • Filter ticket view
  • Batch operations
  • Streaming note view
  • Customize displayed columns  for tickets
  • Powerful full text search
  • Tag search
  • Convert searches to filters
  • Export to CSV
  • Organize by contact type
  • Merge tickets
  • Group tickets within filters
  • Ticket viewing permissions
  • Agent conflict detection
  • Public, private, external notes
  • 11 different custom field types
  • Unlimited branded portals
  • Knowledge management built-in
  • Public forums
  • Complete control over branding
  • Customizable ticket form
  • Automated workflows
  • Track SLA's
  • Real-time and customizable reporting

Editor's Bottom Line of HelpSpot


HelpSpot stands out as a unique choice among the other options for customer service software. Your business pays one flat rate annually, based on the number of agents required. This is a bit different compared to the standard per agent, per month pricing most other providers utilize. The benefit really is that its much easier for your business to budget for the overall annual cost, and not have to worry about increasing costs as you add new agents to your team. And no matter the size of your team, every single feature on HelpSpot's impressive list is included.

HelpSpot also supports a very high level of customization, allowing your agents to completely customize the data they log on tickets with custom fields. Of course, no customer service solution would be complete without self-service options, and HelpSpot provides the tools to create your own unique portal. In fact, Helpspot allows your business to manage an unlimited number of brands, and an unlimited number of online self-service portals, without any extra cost -- something else truly unique to their solution.

Other powerful tools like email-to-ticket and unique IDs for each ticket make it easy for agents to stay on top of every interaction they have with customers, and applies accountability to every single ticket. Agents also have the power to tag and filter tickets however they choose, allowing for an extra level of organization. Real-time and customizable reporting allows your business to stay on top of the trends as they unfold, and a single page history of every single interaction again makes organization a breeze.

Batch actions also allow agents to update multiple tickets at the same time, and automated workflows help agents stay focused on dealing with customers, instead of repeating the same mundane tasks over and over again. Overall, HelpSpot offers a complete solution with a unique pricing model that makes it easy for any business to budget for, as well as unmatched customization and multi-brand support. Whether your business does not have an IT department, and requires a hosted solution or would rather a fully on-premise solution, HelpSpot can work for any size business.

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