Provider Overview

Founded back in 2002, and based in Australia, Atlassian has quickly made themselves a big name in business software. After their initial founding, the provider released JIRA, its flagship application. As a project management and issue tracker solution for software companies, JIRA has become a brand of itself including extensions and applications built off the platform. In 2004, Atlassian introduced its team collaboration platform, Confluence, which enables users to work together on projects and content.

The JIRA Service Desk is one such extension of the JIRA platform, designed to provide organizations with the tools and functionality that they need to not only track any issues or bugs, but also directly interact with customers and clients using your platform. The Service Desk solution provides teams with the tools to create a customer portal with self-service options, including a knowledge base and frequently asked questions, as well as the tools necessary for agents and administrators to manage, service and recording customer inquiries and support requests.


JIRA Service Desk Pricing and Services


Features Available

  • Customer Portal
  • JIRA Software Integration (HipChat, Marketplace, Confluence, etc)
  • Task automation
  • ITIL-ready templates
  • Real-time reporting metrics
  • Real-time internal collaboration
  • Self-Service options
  • Customer Knowledgebase
  • Available APIs
  • Enhanced SLA recording and management
  • Receive email tickets from clients
  • Customizable agent queues
  • Automated request management
  • Automated ticket routing
  • Ticket prioritization
  • Ticket notifications
  • Searchable Articles
  • Community Forums
  • Interactive FAQ
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Time Tracking
  • Surveys
  • Tickets and Tagging
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile App
  • Multi-channel support
  Pricing and Plans  

Cloud Pricing

Up to 3 Agents

  • $10 monthly flat fee
  • Special price for smaller teams
4-15 agents
  • $20 per agent/month
  • Larger and Expanding teams
16+ agents?

Pricing calculator available to determine.

16 agents = $19.69/agent

20 agents = $18.75/agent

30 agents = $17.50/agent

Annual Subscriptions

1-3 $100
4-5 $1,000
6-10 $2,000
11-15 $3,000
16-25 $8,250
26-50 $23,750
51-100 $15,750
101-200 $28,250
201-300 $28,250
301-400 $29,250
401-500 $30,250
501-600 $31,250
601-800 $33,250
801-1,000 $35,250
1,001-1,200 $37,250
1,201-1,400 $39,250
1,401-1,600 $41,250
1,601-1,800 $43,250
1,801-2,000 $45,250
  Self-Hosted Pricing  

For teams of all sizes, hosted on your servers


  • Complete Control of your environment
  • A single server deployment
  • Perpetual license + free year of maintenance
Agent Count One-Time Payment
3 $10
5 $1,700
10 $3,300
15 $5,000
25 $7,200
50 $13,200
100 $22,000
250 $35,200
251+ $49,500
Data Center
  • Complete control of your environment
  • Active-active clustering for high availability
  • Annual term license + maintenance
  • Atlassian-supported disaster recovery
Agent Count Price Per Year
50 $12,000
100 $20,000
250 $36,000
500 $60,000
750 $84,000
50 $13,200
1000 $108,000
2000 $132,000
3000 $156,000
4000 $180,000
5000 $204,000
6000 $228,000
7000 $252,000
8000 $276,000
9000 $300,000
10,000 $324,000
11,000 $348,000
12,000 $372,000
13,000 $396,000
14,000 $420,000
14,001+ $450,000

Editor's Bottom Line of JIRA Service Desk

  For those organizations already invested into the Atlassian eco-system, specifically utilizing JIRA to help manage and maintain ongoing projects, will be able to take full advantage of the provider's JIRA Service Desk solution. This simply modern, collaborative and powerful service desk software solution enables teams to manage and issue bugs within their software, and provide direct support to the clients and users of that software. Overall, JIRA Service Desk is the provider's help desk tool.

The JIRA Service Desk enables your organization to create a unique customer portal with self-service options, including tutorials and frequently asked questions. But beyond just self-service options for your customers and clients, the Customer Portal also enables them to create a helpdesk ticket online or even through email. The platform is then designed to help agents manage and respond to these requests, with customizable queues, automated request management. Directly aimed at organizations looking to maintain and manage their software, and client issues with the software, one of the strongest selling points of the JIRA Service Desk is the built-in SLA management.

With SLA management, your agents and administrators can ensure complete compliance, with SLA goals and requirements clearly visible at all times. Calendars are also available within SLA management to ensure agents will stay on track and compliant. Beyond managing SLAs, the Service Desk also provides organizations with advanced real-time reporting, enabling administrators to better understand how the Service Desk is running and being utilized, at any given time. Customer inquiries and requests can also be placed into customizable agent queues to help provide the fastest support to the highest priority tickets and issues.

Atlassian's pricing structure is flexible as well, with small teams only being charged a flat rate, and larger teams only be charged based on the number of agents per each month. Customers also have the option to pay monthly, or yearly for a flat rate fee. Atlassian of course makes the JIRA Service Desk available in the cloud, but also offers on-premise options both in a dedicated server or data center for Enterprise organizations.

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