Provider Overview

ManageEngine is an IT operations and service management software that helps businesses improve their helpdesk and support strategies. They offer a ton of products, but we’re looking more specifically at ServiceDesk Plus and SupportCenter Plus, which emphasize the customer experience before, during, and after they make a purchase.

Intended Customers:

SMBs, large businesses, and enterprises.

Products Offered:

ServiceDesk Plus and SupportCenter Plus

Free Trial:

ServiceDesk Plus: Yes.

SupportCenter Plus: Yes.

Free Version:

ServiceDesk Plus: No.

Support Center Plus: Yes, for up to 5 support reps.

Features Included in Both Product Plans:

ServiceDesk Plus:

ITIL Ready:

  • Incident Management
  • Service Catalog
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • CMDB
  • IT Project Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Self-service Portal
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Business Rules
  • Automatic Ticket Dispatch
  • Help Desk Notifications
  • User Survey
  • Help Desk Reports
  • Mobile Help Desk
Asset Management
  • IT Asset Inventory Management
  • Asset Discovery
  • Agent Scanning
  • IT Asset Tracking
  • Software Asset Management
  • Software License Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Contract Management
  • System Tools
SupportCenter Plus:
  • Multi-channel Support
  • Request Tracking & Automation
  • Business Units
  • Contracts & SLA Agreements
  • Time Tracking & Billing
  • Reports, Dashboards, & KPIs
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Portal
  • Mobile Access
  • Multi-language Support
  • Add-ons & Integrations
All Available ManageEngine Plans & Pricing:

ServiceDesk Plus: To receive a quote, check out their pricing page for details.

SupportCenter Plus:




  • Request Tracking
  • Knowledge Base
  • SLA Management
  • Help Desk Reports
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Tasks & Events
  • Help Desk Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Contract Management
  • Product Catalog
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Dashboards
  • Survey
  • Help Desk Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Contract Management
  • Product Catalog
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Dashboards
  • Survey
  • API
3 Business Units10 Business Units
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Help & Support Options:

ServiceDesk Plus offers a ton of support options for users of cloud and on-premise systems outlined neatly here.

For more traditional channels, you can call or email:
Toll-Free No: 1-888-720-9500
US: +1 408 916 9300
UK: 0 800 028 6590
Australia: 1800 631 268

SupportCenter Plus offers a wide variety of self-service support options for users. They can also be reached via phone and email:

Call Tech Support Toll-Free Number: +1 888 720 9500
Direct Inward Dialing: +1-408-352-9115
E-mail Support:

Editor’s Bottom Line for ManageEngine:

ManageEngine is a powerful provider offering more products than the two we listed; however, we find ServiceDesk Plus and SupportCenter Plus to be extremely powerful tools when it comes to helpdesk software.

ServiceDesk Plus is a powerful help desk software for businesses interested in optimizing their support strategies. They offer a ton of powerful features, they offer a live, personalized demo of their product for those who are unsure whether or not the software is right for their business, and they respond within minutes to those looking to receive a quote for the software. ServiceDesk Plus also offers a cloud and on-premise solution so businesses can further decide how they want the service to work for them.

SupportCenter Plus is another powerful helpdesk software for support teams interested in optimizing the customer experience. Users are offered a ton of powerful features that can help make the lives of your support agents much easier. There are also three separate plans to choose from, not including a free version of the software. The fact that SupportCenter Plus offers a free version of the software is a great indicator that their product is geared towards businesses of all sizes.

The lack of transparency when it comes to pricing might seem concerning on the surface, but the fact that they advertise getting a response within minutes is encouraging for those who want immediate answers. This also indicates that ServiceDesk Plus is all about offering a service tailored specifically to your business’s needs, rather than offering multiple plans for users that ultimately leave open the possibility of not finding a perfect match. When that’s the case, customers tend to look elsewhere. Here, they eliminate the need by taking the risk of adding an extra step to the purchasing process. That extra step is worth the risk when paired with a live demo. This ensures any potential customers are already familiar with the product before they make a final decision.

The live, personalized demo is not a common occurrence for business software providers. Only a small handful of names like Infusionsoft jump out when it comes to offering an onboarding session before making a purchase. For the most part, providers offer 15- or 30-day trials that let the user play around with the software on their own to see if they get a feel. Unfortunately, if the user isn’t familiar with any kind of business software, the effort could backfire and discourage the user from finalizing a purchase.

ServiceDesk Plus goes even further by offering users an extremely in-depth support page that’s easy to navigate and provides people with a ton of self-service channels to choose from. They also break this down by whether or not you’re using their on-premise or cloud-based help desk software. This further enhances the overall customer experience by giving customers the impression that they’re always there to help in any way that the customer wants. When customers have the power to choose between self-service options, traditional channels like speaking to an agent or emailing the company, they feel more encouraged to reach out for help instead of letting their issues get worse.

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