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Salesflare is a privately-held social CRM company based out of Antwerp, Belgium. Its Chief Technology Officer is Lieven Janssen.  

Salesflare Pricing and Services

Intended Customers Small to Midsize Businesses, Companies Looking for Social CRM

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Automatic Profile EnrichmentAutomatic Call LoggingAutomatic Meeting LoggingEmail Tracking
Website TrackingLink TrackingReal-Time NotificationsAccount-Based Team Collaboration
Contact & Account NetworksAutomatic Customer IdentificationUnified Customer Address Book 


Additional Features


Document Storage per AccountSmart Task & Opportunity OverviewContact & Account Social Feeds
Outlook & Gmail GadgetsZapier IntegrationDeveloper API
Gmail & Office 365 IntegrationExchange & iCloud Integration 


Contact Management


360-Degree Customer Profile

Custom TagsView Mutual Contacts


All Available Plans & Services Salesflare offers a simple pricing model for annual or monthly billing.

  • Annual license, €30 per user/month
  • Monthly license, €35 per user/month

Users can enter discount codes if applicable during the subscription process.

Help & Support Options: Salesflare customer support options are accessible from within the app. Users are greeted with a short bio of Salesflare’s CTO, Lieven Janssen, and a message to ping him with questions or feedback. His contact information includes an email, phone number and Skype username. There is also the opportunity to schedule a meeting on his calendar using Email: Phone: +32 496 72 50 80 Skype: janssen.lieven Salesflare can be contacted on Facebook, on Twitter or via email at You can also reach out on their contact page available here. Note: Salesflare is located in Antwerp, Belgium. The time zone is GMT +1.  

Editor’s Bottom Line of Salesflare

  Salesflare packages contact, account and pipeline management tools - communication, internal collaboration, social media listening - into a modern and eye-friendly user interface. The platform aims to reduce data entry by automatically acquiring contact and company information into their respective profiles. The app scours emails, email signatures, social media profiles and more to achieve this. Salesflare provides a left side vertical navigation panel with a main dashboard - titled Home - and separate tabs for Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Insights. In the lower left corner is a gear icon for Settings. After a brief tutorial, you’ll most likely head to Settings first to connect your email address. Upon doing so, Salesflare will search through your contacts and emails, populate your Salesflare account with contacts and enrich them with public data and email signatures. The Home dashboard displays three columns; the first column (beside the navigation panel) displays accounts that require some form of action. These can be searched and filtered by owner, assignee, pipeline stage, tag, ‘hotness’, creation date or a range of account value. Selecting an account will display an activity feed of email correspondence, internal team messages and call and meeting logs in the middle column (occupying the most space). The third column, on the far right, shows details for the selected account - social media links, URLs, number of employees (if available), associated Opportunities and related contacts and team members. Switching to the Accounts tab, you’ll be greeted with a list view of the accounts in your Salesflare database. This will display much of the same information mentioned above, but the far right column will display all contacts belonging to that account. Users will be prompted to confirm whether contacts drawn from your synced email belong to the Account. The Contacts tab displays all contacts drawn from your synced email; Salesflare attempts to intelligently separate customers from other contacts - colleagues or acquaintances - automatically. The CRM will automatically fill out portions of each contact’s bio and contact details from the sources listed above. The Opportunities page is a sales pipeline with a drag and drop interface. Users can view their pipeline by stages or by timeline, and switch pipelines by selecting them from a drop down menu in the top left. Clicking an individual opportunity brings you to its Account page, while clicking the ellipses in its top right corner gives you options to edit it, set reminders, reassign to another user or close the opportunity as Won or Lost. (When closing as Lost, you must select a Lost Reason’; these reasons can be edited in the Settings menu.) Opportunities in your pipelines can be exported via CSV. For four of your dashboards - Home, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities - there is an orange circle with a plus sign on the bottom right. Clicking this button allows you to choose to quickly add a new record. This button isn’t shown on the Insights tab, which displays visual reports based on revenue or team performance. The revenue button shows KPIs like Average Sales Cycle, Average Value, # Opportunities Won, # New Opportunities, Expected Revenue vs. Revenue Goal, and so forth. The Team reports display the Most Active Rep, Most Sold By Rep, Average Number of Calls, Closing %, Leaderboard Quota per rep and others. This view will also show ‘Slipping Deals’ which are deals that have spent the most time inactive. Finally, the Settings tab provides customization options such as inviting team members and creating groups, setting fiscal targets pipeline and per year, changing the default currency, configuring and creating pipelines, editing or adding ‘Lost Reasons’, changing notifications, syncing email accounts and calendars, creating API keys and more. Salesflare is a sales-oriented (as you can tell by its name) social CRM. Its social media feed for Accounts chiefly shows Twitter, and while it doesn’t allow 2-way interaction from within the app, its icon shortcuts quickly load a new browser tab with desired functions (reply, retweet, like) ready to go. Its strongest feature, compared to rival social CRMs, seems to be its unlimited team messaging - for team members who type in multiple short phrases, you won’t have to worry about running out of your monthly quota. Moreover, the Salesflare team works quite closely with its users to iron out potential bugs or issues. If your company drives a lot of sales over social media, Salesflare is a candidate worth trying out.

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