Provider Overview

Salesmate is a CRM specifically designed for growing sales teams that belong to SMBs and startups. Salesmate CRM is highly customizable and user-centric, so every individual can mold it the way they want. Advanced features like Built-in Phone System, Shared Team Inbox, Sequences, Smart Queue makes Salesmate one of the finest CRMs for sales teams.

Salesmate Pricing and Services

Intended Customers: Small & Medium Scale Businesses and Startups, whether they are new or experienced professionals, can benefit from Salesmate.

Free Trial: Salesmate offers a free 15-day trial

Free Version: Salesmate does not offer a free version.

Features Included in All Plans: Features like Product Management, Shared Team Inbox, Sequences, Workflow Automation, Teams, and Smart Queue differ in pricing plans. Find the exact difference from here.

Additional Features:

Shared Team Inbox: Team Inbox is like a common inbox for general email addresses that multiple teammates utilize every single day. Shared Team Inbox lets your entire team use a common inbox, respond to customer queries, tag teammates, and follow conversations.

Sequences: A Sequence is a series of emails or texts or a combination of both used to take followups of prospects. Sequences work based on the conditions and steps designed by the user and they are completely customizable. It can be also used as a drip campaign.

Built-in Phone System: This feature lets sales reps make calls and send text messages directly from the CRM. Users can choose the phone number of their choice and start connecting with prospects and customers without leaving the CRM.

Workflow Automation: Workflows lets users eliminate manual dependencies on every single point of the process. Workflow automation can automate the processes like task assignment, sending emails, taking follow-ups, and provide more selling time to sales reps. 

Smart Queue: This is an automation-driven feature that lets users start a queue of chosen activities. With Smart Queue, users can choose their favorite tasks for the day and complete them one by one. One of the use cases of Smart Queue is Power Dialer that helps you dial phone numbers one after another.

Voicemail Drop: VM Drop is a simple yet very useful feature that takes away a lot of manual work of sales reps. You can record and save voicemail messages in advance and drop the relevant message when the prospect is not available to take calls.

Team: Salesmate Team lets you create a group of people that normally operate together, for example, Marketing or Support. This feature is currently in progress and a lot will be unfolded. Currently, creating a Team will let users easily segment their contacts, companies, deals, or activities and take quick actions.

Editor’s Bottom Line of Salesmate

Salesmate is a Sales CRM provider with a significant list of features and integrations that will make running your business and generating sales much easier. The solution is an affordable option for businesses of all types, sizes, and levels of experience. Salesmate makes a point of breaking down each feature with page-length descriptions, which goes above and beyond what other companies provide on their websites. Salesmate’s features are broken down into four distinct categories on their Features page: Accelerate Sales, Smart Productivity, Gain Visibility, and Have It Your Way. Each category has five features in it, which will help your business grow. Some of the significant features that help the solution stand out are sales and data entry automation, their integrations, and pipeline management. The automation features take lots of the hard work out of business owners’ hands allowing them to focus more on generating sales and establishing new contacts while maintaining relationships with their current customers. Salesmate also has a large list of integrations that really improve the user experience, especially if you’re already an established business owner with valuable information in tools like Google Drive and Calendar. The use of pipelines to make their CRM service more visually appealing is a unique way to make Sales CRM software more approachable for new business owners. Salesmate’s pricing plans also stand out in a number of ways -- starting with their competitive pricing. The solution is generally affordable, with plans at $12 per user, per month, or $15 per user, per month depending on if you choose to pay monthly or annually. If you’re a small business owner, this might be a great option to consider, especially since each tier comes with the same exact features. Some providers, depending on their options, will limit the amount of features given to their customers. Salesmate seems to be one of the few that does not do this. However, if you’re a new business or you only need certain features, you will be paying for more than you need. The limited pricing options, regardless of their low price, could be discouraging for some business owners who aren’t so tech-savy or reliant on Sales CRM software. But with that comes a unique support center on their website that breaks down how to use each feature to its fullest potential with extensive descriptions, screenshotted images, an FAQ page, and a blog. There is no number to call on their website, so business owners will have to submit a request for help instead.  Overall, Salesmate is interested in making it as clear as possible what their potential customers will be getting themselves into. Their features list is extensive, outlining how to use each one specifically and why it matters to your business. Their integrations are useful for businesses who are already established. If you’re looking for Sales CRM software with a low price, a large features list, tons of integrations, and customizable dashboards, email templates, and reports, try the 15-day free trial Salesmate offers and see if they’re right for your business.

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