Provider Overview

Founded in 2008, TeamSupport is a B2B customer service software focused on solving many of the issues found in conventional solutions. TeamSupport noticed that while one ticket might be handled and solved, the same customer might still be experiencing other issues unknown to that agent. The team decided to build out a solution that helps reduce the disconnect between customer service representatives, and introduce a new level of collaboration to foster communication and teamwork.

By providing a whole new layer of collaboration with their unique Water Cooler platform, TeamSupport's solution allows agents to stay connected, and offers a way for the team to discuss issues and tickets to find the best resolution. This is mainly what helps TeamSupport stand out as a unique competitor compared to other customer service software solutions. This seamless collaboration breaks down internal barriers, allowing your customer service team to focus on the customer as a whole, not just individual tickets.


TeamSupport Pricing and Services


Support Desk -$40 per agent/month billed annually, $50 billed monthly

  • Complete Customer & Contact Database
  • Unlimited customers and contacts
  • Ticket history by customer or contact
  • Customer notes with alerts
  • Customer distress index
  • Agent ratings
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Families
  • Simple email integration with email-to-ticket
  • Phone-to-ticket (utilizing RingCentral's platform)
  • My Tickets List
  • Custom Fields, Statuses and Properties
  • Conditional Custom Fields
  • Assign Tickets to Users or Groups
  • Ticket Collision Prevention
  • Related & Family Tickets
  • Integrated Screen Recording
  • Ticket Automation & Workflows
  • Integrated Video/Webcam Recording
  • In-Line Images
  • File Attachments
  • Global Search
  • Mobile Agent Tools
  • Log private or public actions with notifications
  • Live customer chat
  • Basic and Advanced customer portals
  • Internal and External Knowledge Base
  • Ticket Deflection
  • Customizable Customer Portals Embedded into website
  • Community Forums
  • Water Cooler Internal Social Network and Chat
  • User Groups Ticket Queue
  • Wiki
  • Integrated Calendar with Task Assignment
  • 100s of Stock Reports "out-of-the-box"
  • Customizable dashboard for analytics and reporting
  • Agent and Group Reporting
  • Advanced Custom Reports
Enterprise - $55 per agent/month billed annually, $65 billed monthly

All support Desk Features plus:

  • Visual Chat with Screen and Video Recording
  • Task Management
  • Product Database
  • Product & Version Tracking
  • Multi-brand Support
  • Inventory & Asset Tracking
  • Link Products & Versions to Tickets and Customers
  • Customer Portal Can be Customized by Product
  • Integrations with Developer Tools including Jira and Beanstalk
  • Widgets
  • SSL Hosting/CNAME

Editor's Bottom Line of TeamSupport


TeamSupport is a strong option for SMB operations, and offers a host of tools for agents including internal knowledge databases, product databases, customizable ticket pages, multi-brand support, and a customer and contact database that allows agents to see every single ticket in one centralized location. The user interface is simple and clean, and allows agents to focus on solving the problem, and collaborating with their team. What's really unique about TeamSupport's solutions is the included Water Cooler internal social network and chat platform, which really allows for an extra level of collaboration that most customer service software solutions otherwise leave out.

Your team can replace Slack or any other third party chat, and utilize the deeply integrated Water Cooler function. The entire platform is also highly customizable to fit the needs of your business, from custom ticketing, custom fields, statuses and properties for tickets, and customizable customer portals that can be embedded directly into your business' website. In fact, TeamSupport enables your business to create an entire self-service portal for your customers, including tutorials and frequently asked question sections, as well as a community forum for your customers and clients to discuss issues and solutions without the need to reach out to official support.

This allows your agents to focus on the more complex issues, with customers solving the common and simple issues on their own thanks to an in-depth support portal. But beyond self-service options, TeamSupport arms agents with a wide range of tools including an internal knowledge base, along with collaboration tools, and even internal wiki's to help agents resolve issues as quickly as possible. Going even further, built-in video and screen sharing allows agents to really tackle complex problems and connect with customers in new ways.

Overall, TeamSupport offers a robust platform with unique collaboration tools that help agents solve issues as quickly as possible. The solution even includes an integrated calendar with task assignment and real-time reporting and analytics for managers to stay on top of everything that's happening in their contact center. We recommend TeamSupport for most SMB deployments, but their Enterprise plan also makes a compelling argument for larger teams as well.

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