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The State of Project Management in 2023 [42 Statistics]

Project management team collaboration software improves internal and external workplace communication by creating clear project timelines and outlining related employee responsibilities. 

Every year, poor communication costs small businesses with under 100 employees $420,000 and companies with over 100,000 employees over $62 million

The rise of the remote workforce means there is a higher potential for costly miscommunications than ever before. 

The below project management statistics show how workflow management tools like and Asana lead to high-performing projects. 

Project Management Help Teams Adjust to Remote Work

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting social distancing at the start of 2020 forced companies that hadn’t already done so to transition to a remote workforce.

While there are numerous remote work benefits like increased job satisfaction and cost savings, the especially suddenness of the transition has its downsides.  

The below project management statistics highlight some of the problems the remote workforce faces. These problems can be solved through the use of workflow management features like task assignment and employee workload overviews.  

(source: blind, Workplace Insight

The Benefits of a Project Management System

Using project management methodologies, PM software, and having a project scrum master unites a remote workforce and increases project success rates. 

According to the Pulse of the Profession study from the Project Management Institute, businesses with a clear project management structure in place have 38% more successful projects that met their original goals than those that did not.   

Having a PMO led by a project management professional means companies adopt a clear, standardized approach to project management. A project management office has the necessary soft skills risk management needs to prevent problems like schedule overrun. 

Additional statistics showing the value of project management are: 

(sources: Gallup, Wellingtone, PMP Gartner, PMI, UM Saint Louis)  

Project Management Statistics On Staying Within Budget

Productivity hacks and solutions offered by project management tools speed up project timelines and there is lots of marketing content on how to do improve your performance out there. However, working faster can negatively impact resource management, causing projects to go over their original budget. 

Tools like Wrike and Basecamp offer pre-made project templates that help managers to clearly stay within the budget. Project management software also includes cost estimation tools, ensuring that team leaders set an accurate budget from the start. But id you need something specific, you can always use custom AI development services.

The below project management statistics show just the cost of poor project management and how much the right software can save companies.

(sources: PMI, Harvard Business Review, PMI, Capterra)

Project Management Statistics on Project Timelines 

Popular project management tool features like time tracking and timeline Gantt charts help to speed up projects by accurately measuring how long certain tasks will take. This allows team leaders to create more precise timelines in line with business intent. 

Additional features like task automation, automatic organizations report generation, and email integration eliminate time-consuming tasks without requiring employee technical skills. 

Workflow management platforms like Monday and Asana also include features like real-time chat messaging, post-it note style Kanban boards, and comment tagging. This ensures that users don’t miss important suggestions or team-wide announcements. 

The below project management statistics further illustrate how the right tools can save time and increase business performance. 

(source: PMI, Wellingtone, Geneca, Capterra, Workzone, Capterra

Project Management Features Improve Team Collaboration

Project management software offers the biggest benefits to team communication and collaboration. 

Team collaboration features within project management tools include the ability to assign tasks and subtasks in a checklist format, and the ability to assign multiple employees to a singular task. Task prioritization features show employees which projects they should focus on first, and in-app file sharing and real-time editing make it easy for team members to collaborate on documents. 

Polling tools and online whiteboards allow team members to brainstorm and explain concepts to one another. They also ensure that employees feel their voices are heard in the workplace. They also do wonders for SaaS apps such as Fresha, the massage booking software.

The following project management statistics highlight the importance of these team collaboration features. 

(sources: Capterra, PWC, Geneca, McKinsey, Achievers, Atlassian, Smarp)

The Most Popular Project Management Platforms

The most popular project management platforms are those that have many different inter-departmental use cases. In addition to project management, these tools also help to manage HR departments with all their challenges, IT projects, sales teams, and more.

In addition to the features mentioned above, team leaders also look for platforms with multiple board-based view options, including:

The most popular workflow management tools are Asana, Wrike,, and Basecamp. The below   

(sources: PWC, Capterra, KPMG,, Basecamp, Asana, Wrike, Whop

Other Features to Look For

Integrations with popular web conferencing software, task status updates, and the ability to set project dependencies are additional features to look for when evaluating free project management apps

The above project management statistics prove that these apps increase employee productivity, improve team collaboration, and save companies time and money. They also free up project managers, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. 

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