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Hubspot Competitors - Top 9 Alternatives for 2021

Hubspot is widely considered to be an industry-leading customer management system (CRM), due to its impressive features. But that functionality comes with a steep price tag, meaning it is out of the question for many small businesses. Its cost and overabundance of features mean that it's not a perfect fit for a lot of companies. In this article, we're going to share some solid alternatives to HubSpot.

Why Choose HubSpot in the First Place?

HubSpot at a Glance
PricingHubSpot’s most expensive plan starts at $12,000/month
Top Features Deals dashboard, email tracking, Gmail and outlook integration, built-in activity string, SEO marketing, invoicing generator
Who is each tool best for?Growing marketing teams looking to attract and engage customers

As HubSpot reports, the CRM boasts more than 100,000 customers. The company was founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Upon its founding, the company quickly skyrocketed and became a huge success. 

The reason that the inbound marketing software tool has become so successful is because of its impressive features. Here's a breakdown of some of the things that HubSpot users love:

Why You Might Consider a HubSpot Alternative

HubSpot is a great tool, but it's not for everyone. It's an incredibly complex tool, which means that it can be difficult to set up certain features. The CRM platform offers a rich set of features, but those aren't easily customizable. But one of the biggest reasons that might turn off consumers from HubSpot is the fact that the tool can get pricey.

HubSpot Pricing 

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for Hubspot’s various solutions

HubSpot Service Hub

PricingStarting at $45/month for 2 paid usersStarting at $360/month for 5 paid usersStarting at $1,200/month for 10 paid users

HubSpot Marketing Hub

PricingStarting at $45/month for 1,000 marketing contactsStarting at $800/month for 2,000 marketing contactsStarting at $3,200/month for 10,000 marketing contacts

HubSpot Sales Hub

PricingStarting at $45/month for 2 paid usersStarting at $450/month for 5 paid usersStarting at $1,200/month for 10 paid users

HubSpot CMS Hub

PricingStarting at $270/monthStarting at $900/month 

The Best HubSpot Competitors

In this section, we'll provide some solid alternatives to HubSpot. In order to compile this list, we took certain elements into consideration, such as customer support, pricing, and features. Here are the platforms we'll look at:

Agile CRM

Agile CRM logo
Agile CRM at a Glance
PricingAgile’s most expensive plan clocks in at $47.99/per user/per month
Top Features Live chat, help desk, and marketing automation
Who is each tool best for?Smaller businesses that require sales, marketing, and service automation

Agile is an all-in-one CRM software that allows you to automate your sales, marketing, and service all in one tool. The marketing solution’s automated flow allows users to manage all parts of a customer journey in order to drive sustainable growth. It’s a cloud-based service that is fast and simple to use.

With the marketing automation software’s contact management and deals solution, you can track stages in your deals and close them more efficiently. You can build a landing page and integrate social media with its marketing suite. Agile’s service hub enables you to gather customer feedback and create your own self-service knowledge base. 

Agile CRM Pricing

PricingFree for up to 10 users$8.99 per user/per month$29.99 per user/per month$47.99 per user/per month
Notable Features50,000 Contacts & Companies, Custom Data Fields, Lead Scoring, Unlimited Deals, Tasks & Documents, Appointment SchedulingEmail Campaigns, Web Engagement, Real-Time Contact Level Analytics , Form Builder, Email Templates BuilderHelpdesk, Groups , Labels, Canned Responses50+ Plugins/Integrations, Email & Phone Support, Google/Shopify/Stripe Sync, Chrome Extension, Basic & Email Reports


Pipedrive logo

Pipedrive at a Glance
PricingPipedrive’s most expensive plan clocks in at $99/per user/per month, billed annually
Top Features Thorough integrations through APIs, lead management, track communications
Who is each tool best for?Small businesses looking for a fully-customizable solution

Pipedrive is a SaaS CRM designed from a salesperson’s point of view. The tool was developed to help salespeople and teams focus on learning and repeating their most effective process to close deals. Pipedrive brings various tools and data together under one platform in order to help sales teams with more timely, detailed, and accurate sales reporting and revenue projections.

Pipedrive offers a number of features specifically designed in order to allow sales teams to excel at their jobs. You can easily feed hot leads straight into your pipeline. Track all communications with customers so you have a full scope of the business relationship. The tool also provides thorough insights and reports so you can compare progress against company goals. 

Pipedrive Pricing

Pricing$12.50/user/month, billed annually$24.90/user/month, billed annually$49.90/user/month, billed annually$99/user/month, billed annually
OverviewOrganize activities and pipelines to follow up with ease Track and automate your day for less legwork and more sales Everything you need to collaborate, communicate and grow revenueGet custom onboarding and support with your CRM


bitrix24 logo
Bitrix24 at a Glance
PricingBitrix24’s most expensive plan clocks in at $159/per user/per month
Top Features Task automation, webmail, CRM document builder, contact center
Who is each tool best for?Small businesses on a tight budget

Bitrix24 provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication, and management tools for your team. That includes a CRM, file sharing, project management, calendar, and more under just one platform. Bitrix24 is designed to replace a large number of services and apps with just one solution for your business to work in.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on Bitrix24’s CRM solution. It’s packed with client management, customer support, and marketing automation features. Those include lead acquisition, lead generation, lead management, and sales automation. With these tools, you’ll be able to set tasks, receive work reports, and manage projects online.

Bitrix24 Pricing

PricingCompletely free of charge$19/user/month$55/user/month$55/user/month$79/user/month$159/user/month
OverviewStarter business tool suite Sites and CRM to grow your businessRock-solid CRMRock-solid Project management Advanced business tool suiteUnlimited business tool suite

Close logo
Close at a Glance
PricingClose most expensive plan clocks in at $123.25/per user/per month, billed annually
Top Features Easy lead importing, intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, and VoIP calling
Who is each tool best for?Close is a great option for teams that do a lot of outbound sales

Close offers next-level automation and outreach that helps you grow revenue right away. You can turn more leads into revenue with its all-in-one CRM built just for sales teams. Close allows its users to win more deals with industry-leading, intuitive sales tools.

Close brings calling, SMS, and video into one platform. The sales hub offers automatic logging and syncing, along with tasks and reminders, in order to optimize your communication. You can utilize Close’s features to turn data into insights, as it thoroughly tracks all of your sales activities.

Close Pricing

Pricing$21.25 per user/per month, billed annually$55.25 per user/per month, billed annually$80.75 per user/per month, billed annually$123.25 per user/per month, billed annually
OverviewLightweight CRM for startups with built-in calling and SMS Complete sales CRM to track unlimited leads with built-in reporting Well-rounded CRM with time-saving automation and multiple pipelines The ultimate all-in-one CRM and sales performance solution 


Keap logo
Keap at a Glance
PricingKeap’s most expensive plan clocks in at $140/per user/per month
Top Features Save customized features, strong workflow capabilities, custom campaigns, and email marketing
Who is each tool best for?Small businesses that want to streamline marketing efforts

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, offers CRM, sales, and marketing tools to help your business get more done with less. The tool allows users to convert more leads and automate their processes. With Keap, Keap you can create predictable marketing and sales processes with the knowledge of every business that has come before you.

Keap offers easy automation for repetitive tasks with simple templates to capture new leads, assign tasks, and send emails. That includes its pipeline feature, that allows you to track and manage your leads and clients. Keap also provides a client management software to handle the follow-up, and update your client company record.

Keap Pricing

LiteProMaxMax Classic
Pricing$79/month$149/month$140/monthReach out to sales for a quote
OverviewFor solopreneurs and new businesses—core CRM, automation, and email tools to get organized, automate follow-up, and close more deals.For growing businesses with custom needs—create automated, repeatable sales processes and marketing campaigns to save time and increase sales. For established businesses and teams—use our CRM, secure payment platforms, ecommerce, and advanced automation to optimize your sales pipeline and grow your online revenue. Formerly InfusionSoft. Ideal for advanced ecommerce and sales team needs   


Zoho logo

Zoho at a Glance
PricingZoho’s most expensive plan clocks in at $140/per user/per month
Top Features Communications channels, mobile app, dial in prospects with a single click, forecasting
Who is each tool best for?Small businesses looking for customer relationship optimization

Zoho CRM empowers its 150,000+ customers to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue. Zoho’s CRM is designed to be customer-centric. The platform boasts awards and recognition from both Gartner and PC Mag.

Zoho offers an impressive number of features for sales professionals. One of the most notable things is that Zoho has shifted its offering to keep up with the remote-first world. You can conduct virtual sales meetings and platforms from right within the CRM. You can also collaborate with your team through common feeds. 

Zoho Pricing

Zoho offers a free version of its CRM, but here’s a breakdown of its paid plans.

StandardProfessionalEnterprise Ultimate
Pricing$12/user/month, billed annually$20/user/month, billed annually
$35/user/month, billed annually
$45/user/month, billed annually
Top FeaturesScoring rules, Workflows, Multiple pipelines, Mass email, Custom dashboardsEverything in Standard, SalesSignals, Web-to-case forms, Validation rules, Inventory managementEverything in the previous plans, Zia AI, Command Center, Canvas, Multi-user portalsEverything in the previous plans, Advanced business insights, Enhanced feature limits, 30-day trial


SugarCRM logo
SugarCRM at a Glance
PricingSugarCRM’s most expensive plan starts at $1000/month for 10,000 contacts
Top Features Support and sales automation, forecasting, dashboards, marketing lead management
Who is each tool best for?Businesses looking for a highly user-friendly solution

SugarCRM helps businesses provide outstanding experiences for every customer. Their platform is designed in a way in which companies can act as fully functional extensions of their customers. SugarCRM brings innovation, transparency, integrity, value and passion to their customers.

SugarCRM boasts a number of impressive features. The tool offers quote management systems in order to quickly quote and streamline your sales. You can customize the CRM with drag-and-drop editing to best fit your business needs. The tool also offers a mobile app so you can remain productive even when you’re on the go.

SugarCRM Pricing

Sugar ProfessionalSugar EnterpriseSugar ServeSugar SellSugar Market
Pricing$52/user/month with a 10 user minimum$85/user/month with a 10 user minimum$80/user/month with a 10 user minimum$80/user/month with a 10 user minimum$1000/month for 10,000 contacts
OverviewCRM solution designed to meet the needs of fast-growing small businessesThe industry’s most flexible option for highly-tailored, on-premise CX applicationsGive customers the support they need, quickly and confidently.Create more meaningful experiences and build lasting relationships.Capture the attention of your most promising prospects.


act-on logo
Act-On at a Glance
PricingAct-On’s most expensive plan starts at $20/user/month, billed annually
Top Features Send email messages, website prospector and alerts, view sent messages, keyword analysis
Who is each tool best for?Act-On is a great option for businesses just getting started with marketing automation

Act-On software is a growth marketing leader, offering solutions that empower marketers to engage targets at every step of the customer lifecycle. The software is designed to help marketers create great brand experiences, engage their customers with products and services, and grow their business.

The software offers features to help build awareness, convert great leads, and deliver exceptional customer experiences to grow your business. Act-On provides segmentation, automation, web and landing pages, lead scoring and more that help to boost your business’s growth marketing. 

Act-On Pricing

Pricing$12/user/month, billed annually$20/user/month, billed annually
Top FeaturesScoring rulesWorkflowsMultiple pipelinesMass emailCustom dashboardsEverything in StandardSalesSignalsWeb-to-case formsValidation rulesInventory management


Salesforce logo

Salesforce’s mission is to bring companies and customers together. The tool allows you to focus on your customer base so you can grow your business. It’s specifically designed to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Salesforce offers an award-winning CRM tool called Customer 360. It provides a shared view of all your customers. You can also expect an application for every phase of your customer journey, from lead to loyalty. 

Customer 360 is rolled into Salesforce’s various solutions. Take a look at this page to learn more about each available pricing plan.

Salesforce at a Glance
PricingSalesforce offers a thorough pricing structure based on your specific use case
Top Features Einstein AI, Mulesoft integrations, Tableau visualizations and integrations, built-in employee experience features 
Who is each tool best for?Salesforce’s CRM is a great option for businesses of any size looking to quickly scale

Conclusion: CRMs Aren't One-Size-Fits-All

Just because HubSpot is one of the industry-leading CRMs doesn't mean it's the right choice for your unique business needs. As long as a tool has the features you need and falls within your budget, it will work just as well for you as any big-name software solution. Take a look at our CRM page to compare options and find the right solution for you.

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