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Wrike Pricing: How Much Does Wrike Cost in 2021

Wrike is a project management tool that is designed to transform how teams work together by delivering high performance, accelerating business growth, and improving the customer experience. The tool has a lot to offer, so it has a plan and package for every team. Wrike offers different solutions to ensure that every type of team and organization has a tool that will best fit their unique collaboration needs. 

In this Wrike review, we'll cover the following sections that will provide you with everything you need to know about Wrike's pricing. We'll go in-depth into all of Wrike's pricing plans and provide alternatives to this project management software. By the end of this article, you'll have a solid idea of if Wrike is the best project management solution for you.

Wrike Overview

wrike dashboard

Wrike was founded as a self-funded project management company in 2006 by Andrew Filev. The tool officially made its debut in December 2006 at Paris' Le Web 3, where it won the prize in the B2B category. In 2013, it launched an Enterprise platform geared toward larger businesses. 

The tool continued to pick up steam after it launched a European data center and created Wrike for Marketers in 2016. In fact, that track record of growth landed Wrike on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 List for four years in a row. In January of 2021, it was acquired by Citrix Systems for $2.25 billion. 

After its massive growth trajectory, Wrike became a leader in the project management system space — for good reason. It allows users to manage and track projects, deadlines, schedules, all while teams can easily collaborate with one another. That way, your team can make data-driven decisions that generate higher ROI.  

In addition to its marketing and professional services solutions, Wrike offers four separate plans for any team to use. Each plan includes a rich feature set that allows users to see business results without having to pull data from multiple systems. Here's a general overview of what to expect across the board from all of Wrike's various plans. 

PricingExamples of Features IncludedProsCons
Free — no charge
Professional — $9.80/user/month, billed annually
Business — $24.80/user/month, billed annually
Enterprise — Reach out directly for a quote.
Wrike for Marketers — Reach out directly for a quote.
Wrike for Marketers Performance — Reach out directly for a quote.
Wrike for Professional Services — Reach out directly for a quote.
Wrike for Professional Services Performance — Reach out directly for a quote.
Board view
Task management
Gantt chartsAdvanced integrations
Custom fields and workflows
Report templates
Password policies
User audit reports
Desktop and mobile apps
Shareable dashboards
Wrike offers teams using their product great consistency and transparency.
This tool simplifies the follow-up process for project progress.
Wrike is constantly listening to its customers and upgrading and updating features on a weekly basis - which is RARE for any SaaS product these days.
Having massive files processing and administration could be difficult — email configuration requires improvements to provide team alerts.
Because of initial login problems, the integration of new users became problematic but were overcome easily by the Wrike support team.
Wrike’s New Experience version takes some getting used to. 

Wrike Pricing and Plans

Wrike pricing and plans

Wrike offers various plans with an option for every kind of team. Let's take a deeper dive into each plan, what you can expect, and who they're right for. As writes, Wrike's free offering is the equivalent of a digital bulletin board that allows users to add to-do lists. It's great for task management but doesn't really go deeper than that. 

This plan has some highly useful features, such as basic board access, file sharing, and access to the desktop and mobile versions. But as expected with a few version, this plan comes with a fair share of limitations. Don't expect any reporting, collaborative work, time tracking, or calendar integration. Task lists, automations, and CRM integrations are behind a paywall. It's important to note that this plan is capped at five users. 

Wrike's Professional plan is available for 5, 10, or 15 users. This plan obviously improves on the features that were available in the free plan. User offers added team collaboration abilities, increased storage, and video uploads. As writes, this is probably the bare minimum for remote teams, but is still lacking in the way of automation and storage space. Teams consisting of more than 5 people may struggle with the lack of storage space.

Wrike's Business plan is considered to be the most popular one among its users and is available between 5-200 users. Within this plan, you can brand your workspace, create customizable workflows, schedule upcoming tasks in calendar view, integrate with Salesforce, and has 50GB of storage space.

This plan comes with add-ons at an additional cost such as Wrike Proof for online markup and document approval and Wrike Publish for connecting a digital asset management.

The final option is the Enterprise plan, which is available on a quote-based structure. Some of the advanced features in this plan include single sign-on, thorough reporting, customizable user reports, integrations with business intelligence tools, and 100 GB of storage. Just with every other plan, you do have the option to purchase more storage. Just as the name states, this plan is perfect for enterprise-sized teams.

Here’s an overview of everything included in each of Wrike’s plans. 

OverviewA simple shared task list for small teams.Full project planning and collaboration.Robust work management with customization and executive reporting. This is Wrike’s most popular plan.Comprehensive solution with advanced security and controls.
FeaturesBoard view, task management, file sharing, real-time activity stream, a spreadsheet view, Microsoft Onedrive and Google Drive integrations, 2 GB of storageEverything from the previous plan, task and subtask management, Gantt chart, advanced integrations, shareable dashboards, collaborations, up to 5 GB of spaceEverything from the previous plans, custom fields and workflows, report templates, graphical analytics, calendars, request forms, project and task approvals, time trackingEverything from the previous plans, active directory integration, SAML 2.0 single sign-on, two-factor authentication, password policies, user audit reports, up to 100 GB of storage space
PricingCompletely free of charge.$9.80/user/month, billed annually$24.80/user/month, billed annuallyReach out to Wrike directly for a quote.

Wrike for Marketers

wrike for marketers plans

As previously mentioned, Wrike offers various solutions for specific teams. The marketing solution allows teams to launch, measure, and grow by delivering digital campaign performance insights right into your workspace. Note that this solution is broken up into two separate solutions — Wrike for Marketers and Wrike for Marketers Performance

Here a quick overview of what to expect.

Wrike for MarketersWrike for Marketers Performance
OverviewUnify your marketing and creative departments with this tool. Wrike for Marketers enables teams to create high-quality, consistent brand experiences globally, at speed and scale. Supercharge the full project life cycle across all departments within one collaborative workplace that makes managing workloads, priorities, and processes easy.This solution allows you to turn campaign data into actionable insights. You can add the power of Wrike Analyze and Marketing Insights to Wrike for Marketers. Understand your marketing’s impact and effectiveness. Automate entire workflows and integrate key data from every part of your digital campaigns – including search, social media, display, and SEM across organizations, teams, and applications.
FeaturesEverything from Wrike’s Business plan, Wrike Proof, Wrike Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, Tailored templates and workspace, and Wrike Publish. Everything from Wrike for Marketers, Pre-built dashboards, advanced reporting and data visualization, Marketo and Salesforce integrations, more than 400 integrations and instant cross-channel campaign performance.
PricingReach out to Wrike directly for a quote.Reach out to Wrike directly for a quote.

Wrike for Marketers delivers instant insights to your marketing team. Wrike allows you to assess your digital marketing performance across more than 50 channels with just a few clicks. There's no need for analysts, BI tools, or spreadsheets. 

This solution can deliver this through a very specific set of features. You can break down silos by centralizing communication and collaboration by keeping everyone on the same page. Get a 360-degree view on every part of your campaigns, including search, display, and social media. You can even demonstrate results by monitoring real-time progress across campaigns and easily share performance with stakeholders to show your team’s impact.

Simply put, Wrike gives you and your team everything needed to succeed. You can gain clarity on all projects by setting up your space and keeping campaign information in one spot, thanks to Wrike's built-in project management tools. Users can even select the specific type of project management style they'd like to go for, from agile to waterfall. 

Project managers can review assets quickly and efficiently by being able to directly comment on images, videos, HTML, and more — Wrike Proof ensures that your team understands exactly what you are talking about and how to act on that feedback. 

This solution even offers the following templates to get your team started:

Wrike for Professional Services

wrike for professional services

Wrike for Professional Services allows users to achieve all their goals and more. Users can accelerate results by unlocking the value of Wrike quickly through guided deployments led by expert consultants. Teams can boost productivity by adapting, streamlining, and automating processes in order to help teams achieve business objectives faster. Users can also overcome adoption barriers with Wrike's change management framework that is adapted to your specific organizational culture.

Here's a quick look at what to expect within Wrike for Professional Services. 

Wrike for Professional ServicesWrike for Professional Services Performance
OverviewOptimize projects from planning to delivery with Wrike for Professional Services. This allows you to stay on top of project delivery and turn billable time into revenue. You can reduce admin tasks, better utilize existing resources, and standardize repetitive projects with robust resource management, time tracking, real-time visibility, automated workflows, and team utilization analysis.Wrike for Professional Services Performance enables you to unleash the power of analytics and automation. Run your services delivery business in this solution. Master visibility of the end-to-end quote-to-cash process. Seamlessly connect to your CRM and financial systems. Leverage automation and dashboards to maximize business performance and manage project risk, costing, margins, team utilization, and more.
FeaturesThis plan includes all Business plan features, Wrike Resource, tailored templates and workspace, and 50 GB of storage space.This plan includes everything in Wrike for Professional Services, pre-built dashboards, advanced reporting and data visualization, Salesforce integration, integrations with more than 400 apps.
PricingReach out to Wrike directly for a quote.Reach out to Wrike directly for a quote.

Wrike's framework helps you to align your business objectives and processes by providing visibility into your success metrics, and remove productivity roadblocks so you can do the best work of your life. This is done by going through the stages of initiation, discovery, configuration, and then finally go live. 

Wrike holds the users' hands along every step of the journey by offering a specific set of services. If your business is just getting started, Wrike can help you to kickstart your journey to efficient and effective collaboration, gaining the necessary skills to keep growing within the tool. This is thanks to features like workspace design, change management, custom training, and data migrations. 

If you're ready to optimize, Wrike allows you to unleash value by refining your workspace, enhancing your processes and integrating with other systems such as customer support for seamless end-to-end work management. This is achieved through features like process optimization, workspace evolution, and integration services. It's excellent for creating remote-first solutions too, such as creating an employee handbook.

Wrike can be there to help you scale your business as well, as it fuels innovation across your organization, leveraging insights, analytics and dedicated expertise to gain a competitive edge. This is done through features such as analytics services, custom engagements, and a consulting retainer. 

Wrike Alternatives

There's no denying that Wrike is a great option for project management. However, that doesn't mean it's the right tool for everyone. Just like every software solution out there, Wrike comes with its own set of limitations. As nTask states, those include:

Because of that, we've included the following list of Wrike alternatives for you to consider. We break down each option by pricing, how they're better than Wrike, and the ways in which Wrike still edges them out. Note that we did not include Jira, as it’s made for a different target market.



Asana Pricing

Completely free of charge$10.99/user/month, billed annually$24.99/user/month, billed annually

Asana overview: Asana helps teams orchestrate projects of any size, from small projects to strategic initiatives. Their goal is to make it easier for collaborators to do work that matters. Asana boasts major customers like Spotify, Allbirds, and Sephora.

Why It's better than Wrike: Asana has integrations that are better suited for small businesses, which is an area in which Wrike lacks. While they both offer a good amount of integrations that tend to overlap, small businesses may feel this lacking in Wrike.

Where Wrike wins: Wrike offers Gantt charts, which are commonly used in many project management methodologies. Asana doesn't have any native Gantt chart capabilities, users just have to use the tool's currently free app, Instagantt. Pricing

$8 user/month, billed annually$10 user/month, billed annually$16 user/month, billed annuallyReach out to for a quote overview: is a project management tool where teams create workflow apps in minutes to run their processes, projects, and everyday work. Teams can shape workflows and projects code-free, which liberates businesses from tedious grunt work.

Why It's better than Wrike: offers an open API system to developers using their tool. That means they can create their own third-party integrations through code.

Where Wrike wins: Unlike, Wrike offers a free plan. That makes it accessible to all businesses. 


Nifty Pricing

$39/month, billed annually$79/month, billed annually$124/month, billed annuallyReach out to Nifty for a quote

Nifty overview: Nifty helps teams'​ simplify their workflow by consolidating team communication, project management, and client collaboration into one seamless platform. With Discussions, Tasks, Docs, Roadmaps, and Files all in one place — Nifty lets you focus on building products instead of juggling multiple tools to deliver individual uses.

Why It's better than Wrike: Nifty offers a more thorough project progress feature than Wrike. Their milestones lead to real-time automation of in-progress, completed, and overdue status based on the completion of tied tasks. 

Where Wrike wins: Wrike has a much more robust offering. That's because Nifty is designed to just be a remote collaboration tool, and Wrike can serve both project management and team collaboration purposes. 



Trello Pricing

FreeBusiness ClassEnterprise
Completely free of charge$10/user/month, billed annuallyReach out to Trello for a quote.

Trello overview: Trello is a visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. The tool's kanban boards, lists and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your personal and work life in a flexible way.

Why it's better than Wrike: Trello's signature cards are one of the best organizational tools of all project management software solutions on the market. They help you to organize tasks and projects on a granular level.

Where Wrike wins: Wrike beats out Trello in the area of security. They offer a whole page on their website providing a thorough overview of security. 



Clickup Pricing

Completely free of charge$5/user/month, billed annually$9/user/month, billed annuallyReach out to Clickup for a quote.

Clickup overview: Clickup is designed to replace multiple apps within your software stack. It offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, and even an inbox.

Where it's better than Wrike: Clickup's centralized dashboard allows for making quick changes to projects easier than Wrike does.

Where Wrike wins: Wrike offers a better mobile app for Android and iOS than Clickup. It allows you to easily manage your projects on the go. 

The Final Verdict

Wrike is a powerful collaboration and project management tool that can benefit nearly any business that uses it. The tool offers thorough plans designed with multiple types of teams in mind to ensure that everyone can get the most out of Wrike. Each plan, including their free version, comes with an impressive set of features. That makes Wrike worth the cost. 

But that does come with one small caveat. PCMag writes that it might be difficult to choose the right plan for your team without assistance from a customer service representative, as it's not an easy one-two purchase process. But as long as you get the assistance you need, Wrike will surely bring a huge benefit to your team.

Frequently asked questions

A free trial of Wrike lasts two weeks.

Wrike can help any time looking to streamline their workflows. It has features to encourage internal collaboration and allows you to easily manage and track projects, deadlines, schedules, and other processes.

Wrike comes standard with enterprise-grade security, including Wrike account data and attachment encryption.

Yes! By integrating these two solutions with one another, you can create new tasks to quickly get work into Wrike.

Sharing in Wrike is the same as giving others access to your task. If you want to give these team members access to certain tasks, it'd be wise to @mention them in the comments so they get a notification about the specific task in their Wrike inbox. 

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